Eagles fast paced offense a dangerous element

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsBefore being recruited, Chicago Bears offensive guard Kyle Long played football for the University of Oregon and said that a faced paced offense was the element which broke down even a strong defense and made the defenders lose their will.
‘‘You’d be amazed at how quickly you can get a defense’s will to break when you’re going 100 mph,’’ he said. ‘‘The tempo is what gets ya.’’
Eagles coach Chip Kelly has been doing exactly that for the entire season. During the offseason, he focused on revamping the offense into a damaging and dangerous fast paced machine that made quick work of the offense. And this season he has proven that to be successful. The offense has been a tremendous asset in winning the matches and it has been one of the best in the entire NFL.
And as they face the Chicago Bears on Sunday night, the Bears will have much to do on their hands to contain the offense. The Bears defense is already crumbling and shaky at best so the Eagles will have a field day running their game and owning the field.
Even Bears coach Marc Trestman acknowledged that the Eagles were a dangerous foe and would not be taken lightly. He said that they had the stats to prove it and their offense had shown they were a dangerous lot during the entire season. Trestman said that the Eagles had certainly managed to stand out in the NFL with their performance.
“It’s certainly proven that it can be very successful after 15 weeks,” he said. ‘‘I mean, they’ve been exceptional.’’
Bears linebacker Lance Briggs will be returning to the game on Sunday night and will be bringing a much needed boost to their offense. Still, the Eagles defense will not be small enough to be contained by a single player and the Bears will have to do much more than that if they want to have any hopes of containing it.
Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker said that they would have to get fully prepared against the Eagles and be familiar with what they had in mind. A well coordinated defense would be the key to stopping the Eagles offense
‘‘We just have to make sure we’re on the same page,’’ he said. ‘‘We have to get the call in quickly. We have to get aligned very quickly and make sure we communicate. Then, when the ball is snapped, we’ve got to go play.’’
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