Eagles getting ready for rematch against Redskins

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsNine games have passed since the Philadelphia Eagles went up against the Washington Redskins with in their season opener and won. Now they are set to face them again and they aren’t taking things lightly. After all, every team wants to erase a defeat by beating their rivals and that just what the Redskins have in mind.
That game also marked the debut of Chip Kelly as head coach of the Eagles. Even though Kelly wants the same victory they had that game, he knows that the Redskins will not be playing the same game and will come back tougher that previous game.
"I think you have a body of work so you understand what the opponent is about.”
“It's not 100% what they did this in the first game, they're going to do the same exact thing in the second game. The same holds true for us,” he said. “We've got some experienced guys on our staff that have been through it before, and that's always the deal.  I think you get a better understanding of the personnel when you kind of know where it is.”
He continued, highlighting the flaws that were present in their game and the things the missed about the Redskins.
“We didn't see [Brandon] Meriweather in the first game.  We'll see him in this game.  We didn't see Rob Jackson in the first game, we'll see him in this game.  So there are always a couple wrinkles here or there,” Kelly said. “They played against Mike [Vick], they're not going to play against Mike this time.  So it's different.  You've got a body of work and you have a little bit of an understanding, but it's not exactly the same as the first time."
One specific area where the Eagles coach sees a difference is Washington's offense.
“I think they're more efficient offensively.  Look at the numbers offensively, and defensively there are new faces over there. I think they're playing really well on offense right now,” he said. “You look at their numbers in terms of where they are rushing the ball or where they are in total offense, I think they're really doing different things.”
He concluded that the Redskins were now more thoughtful on who to play and on what position.
“I think they're different in terms of their personnel and how they deploy them.  But I think they're different on offense now than when we played them the first time."
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