Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick’s return was short lived

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsEagles quarterback Michael Vick came back on the field after recovering from his hamstring injury. Or so he thought. He left the field during second quarter and now no one can tell when he will hit the fields again.
Vick had injured his hamstring on October 6 and had been off the field for some time to recover. He had been absent from the past two games.
The Eagles faced New York Giants and during the second quarter, Vick’s old hamstring injury came up again and troubled him so much that he left the field. He had thrown one interception, made 6 out of 9 catches for 31 yards. It was easy to spot in his return that he was far from fully healed as he was slow and inflexible. The Eagles went on to lose the match 15-7.
Vick said this was the worst hamstring injury of his career.
"I've never had a hamstring injury this bad," he said.
It was Vick who was so eager to rush back into game instead of taking some time off. He is a great rusher and last week ran full speed to see if he could return to the game. He insisted he had recovered sufficiently to come back. Looks like he was wrong.
From the very start of the match it was evident that Vick was not in his best form. During the first game drive by the Eagles, he threw an interception, didn’t make it on time for a sideline run and fumbled.
Vick said he felt good enough to go back but realized in game that he needed more time to heal.
"I felt good going in. I felt like I did everything I was supposed to do to reassure myself I could go out and play,” Vick said. “But there's just nothing like being in the moment and having to move and having to react. When I did that, that's when I pulled it again. I felt the pop."
The Eagles starter against the Oakland Raiders coming week cannot be decided immediately. Nick Foles, who usually comes to Vick’s aid is out with a concussion and will be out for some time.
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Oh ffs. Time to hang up the cleats, Vick.