Eagles quarterback Vick probably out for Bucs game, Foles to step in

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDuring the Philadelphia Eagles practice session on Tuesday there were three quarterbacks on the field but when the team drills began, Michael Vick wasn’t at his starting position. Instead, Nick Foles was there to cover the position. Vick is out for now due to a hamstring injury.
Even so, he did participate in the drills although he didn’t run the whole drills. Vick was happy with the speed of his recovery and said that he could throw the ball with accuracy now. Still, he wasn’t sure if he would recover sufficiently to start his position against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.
Vick has been taking care not to strain himself too much as he does not want to risk any accidents that may hinder his recovering hamstring.
"It's still Tuesday. It's early. Just trying to get back into a flow, get back into a rhythm, get my legs back under me,” he said.
Considering his injury, it seems there is little possibility of seeing him starting his position on Sunday. Vick has suffered hamstring injuries two other times during his career and had to be sidelined one time. He said that the current injury felt like the other two he had suffered.  He did say that he was healing fast and the pain had dissipated but didn’t know how much longer it would take to recover enough to hit the field again.
"I have a good understanding of the game plan and what we want to do," Vick said. The thing is to try to get myself physically in position where I can go out there and do everything I know I'm capable of doing,” he said.
Foles, the backup quarterback said that he wasn’t clear what would the game plan be for Sunday and for now was concentrating on practicing. That is typical of Foles who doesn’t care whether it is starting or backup; just concentrates on the game up ahead.
"My expectation is to work great today, get a lot of work in, study the film, and whatever it is on Sunday I'll be ready," he said. "The competitor in me wants to start every game, but in reality there's different situations that occur. That's why I always say I keep the same mind-set."
Both the team and the coaches were comfortable with Foles backing up Vick. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson was comfortable with Vick just as he is with the Foles
"Honestly, I don't see anything changing. Foles knows what he needs to do to be a quarterback in this league and run this offense, and he has a good feel for everyone's speed,” he said.
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