Earl Heyman backs Anthony Hargrove on bounty case

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All former and current New Orleans Saints players are sticking together off-field like a true band of brother. While New Orleans Saints franchised Quarterback Drew Brees accused the league of taking a harsh and judgmental approach to the bountygate yesterday, former New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Earl Heyman from the practice squad gave his support to Anthony Hargrove in a public statement today.
In the evidence against each suspended player, the NFL dug up a video clip of a 2010 NFC championship game in which New Orleans Saints defensive end Anthony Hargrove was allegedly caught saying "pay me my money" for a knock out. The New Orleans Saints defenders had gathered to hear assistant coach Joe Vitt, inform that the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre will not return for the match after being sidelined by an injury.
The NFL is relying on an audio recording to determine if Anthony uttered the words. In the clip, Anthony Hargrove is initially seen mouthing the word “Bobby” (Bobby McCray), until his face is hidden from camera view due to a shift in movements of the gathered players. Since Tuesday, Anthony Hargrove has firmly asserted that the voice in the recording is not his and apparently Earl Heyman believes so too.
Earl Heyman, who after just one year in the league left to pursue professional boxing, claims he was present at the gathering of defenders out of camera sight and knows for a fact that Anthony Hargrove didn’t utter those words. But Earl Heyman refused to take name of the person who said "pay me my money. “
“I don't want to incriminate anyone,” said Earl Heyman in explanation for not identifying the real culprit."I will if I have to, if it goes to court or something like that, I'd testify. I am about protecting Anthony because he's my friend and he's been done a great injustice and he's been done wrong."
Earl Heyman  also maintained that Anthony Hargrove didn’t step in the field for the play in which Matt Favre was injured. Furthermore after are viewing of the clip, Earl Heyman stated that he did not witness Anthony Hargrove’ lips move.
"I was right there," said Earl Heyman regarding his position when the New Orleans Saints Player asked to be paid. "I remember it because it was a monumental play in the game, and I know Anthony didn't say that."
 When it was enquired of Earl Heyman whether the call for a pay-up from players did not prove that there existed a bounty program in New Orleans Saints, Earl Heyman replied in the contrary.
"It might have been something personal between two players, 'If I get to the quarterback first I get paid,” said Earl Heyman.
Earl Heyman  said although interim coach Gregg Williams’ used controversial methods to buck up his team, the New Orleans Saints never resorted t illegal activities. Earl Heyman quipped in he would be further available for a testimony in front o the NFL
"I would not have any problem talking to the NFL," said Earl Heyman. "If somebody contacted me I'd tell them exactly what I told you.”
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