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I like it when it's easy.  There was very little drama in the games that made up my parlay last night.  It doesn't happen often, so it was really nice to be able to breathe normally all night long.  Without much scheduled, there is a lot going on tonight, so let's get going.

THE NBA  (9-4 ATS/11-2 SU/4-9 TOTALS last night and 24-10 ATS & SU/15-19 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (1-0 last night and 5-1 so far for the week)
It's a really good schedule for TNT tonight for a change, but there's nothing that's got me "geeked" enough to make me want to jump.
Spurs (+4, U208)                107 Mavs 110
THUNDER 101 CLIPPERS (-4, O212) 118

---The little man inside me is screaming at me to get on the Thunder tonight.  The public seems to agree with "him" as the spread for this game has ballooned from it's opener of THUNDER (-2).  I do think this is probably the best place for the Spurs streak to come to an end, but my numbers disagree with it all, and that's why I'm passing the game.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (0-1 ATS/SU/TOTALS last night and 2-6 ATS & SU/3-5 so far for the week)
The NIT and CIT wrap up their business with their respective championship games tonight.  To my surprise, the CBI series is still alive, and we'll talk about that more on Saturday.

BUTTA  (no play last night and 1-2 so far for the week)
I think that the OVER in the CIT game might be the best play on tonight's board, but Yale's style of play keeps me from being overly interested in making a move.
Minnesota 51                              
Smu (-3, U131 1/2) 56    
Yale 72    
MURRAY ST. (-7 1/2, O137 1/2) 84                                                 

I was going so fast yesterday that I was a bit remiss in my coverage of things that matter.  You know how I operate with baseball.  I treat it just like I do hoops.  I want to take a week or 2 to see how things settle in.  There are usually a lot of additions and subtractions from each team every offseason, so I want to see how things are all fitting together before I get to investing.  Call it research, if you will, but the fact is that BROOMOLOGY waits for no one.

You remember BROOMOLOGY, right?  It is the situation in a 3- or 4-games series in The Bigs where one team is in danger of being swept.  It was 6 years ago that I locked in on this situation and started keeping track.  It's not a surefire process, but what I've learned over all those years is that it does present good opportunities for us, especially when the team in "danger" is the dog in that particular game.  A lot more goes into whether a play should be made or not, but Road Dogs (RD) over 6 years have gotten the money 59.8% of the time, while Home Dogs (HD) get there at a rate of almost 53%. 

BROOMOLOGY was in play last night in Anaheim when the Mariners took on the Angels.  The Halos were a Home Favorite, and they got stomped for a 3rd straight night.  Working from that modest beginning for the season, there are more games today that fall into this situation.

BROOMOLOGY  (0-1 ATS & SU last night)
Road Dogs 
Twins (+1 1/2) at WHITE SOX
Cubs (+1 1/2) at PIRATES

Road Favorite
Yankees (-1 1/2) over ASTROS

Home Dog 
METS (+1 1/2) vs. Nationals

---The Royals would have been in the RD category today, but their game has already been postponed.

See what I mean?  There's a lot there for relatively nothing going on.  Some days are like that.  Have a great Thursday.  If you're starting your weekend a little early tonight, please be careful out there.  I'll see you tomorrow.
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