Eat Healthy

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Looking ahead to this upcoming offseason, each team will evaluate its current roster and formulate a system of how to better improve their team. A large factor in offseason decisions lies within free agency.
During this time, NFL fans across the nation will constantly be on Twitter and checking their go-to NFL rumor websites. While the excitement of adding a new player to your team is invigorating, the teams with historic and long success are those who draft well.

Take for example the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay, Wisconsin clearly is not the premier destination for an NFL free agent. It lacks ideal weather and a party scene. For this reason, the Green Bay Packers have adapted. Year in and year out, the Packers put forth a quality product on the field. This is because they have invested in the best scouting staff.

If players are carefully scouted, then a team can survive despite its location. Not only can it survive, but also it can flourish. Although drafting is extremely important, It goes without saying that free agency is vital for ultimate teams'. Taking a look at the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl run last year, the majority of their key pieces were drafted, but one of the stars of the playoffs, Anquan Boldin was a free agent acquisition. Well, to be specific, Boldin was traded to Baltimore because his previous team the Arizona Cardinals wanted to receive some type of compensation from their former star player before he hit the open market.

Nevertheless, Boldin was the difference in many of Baltimore’s victories. So the formula for success is right in front of our eyes. Build your team through the draft, and make it Super Bowl worthy through free agency.
If it’s that easy, why do teams struggle? There are many reasons for struggling, but from a personnel perspective, “fast food” is a contributing factor. The ideology of fast food revolves around building your team through flashy free agent signings. Like fast food it tastes good at first but for the long term it becomes detrimental to the body, and in this example the overall organization. The teams who prepare their food fresh, or better known as being prepared to execute the NFL draft, will be eating for a long time. 
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