Eddy Curry “can’t wait” to face-off against Lakers’ Dwight Howard

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Eddy Curry may be the Dallas Mavericks’ last man at the spot due to choice restrictions from the rising injuries on the roster, but that doesn’t mean that the former top 4 draft pick, who had a disappointing career so far, is intimidated by Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard. In fact, Eddy Curry is eagerly anticipating the face-off against NBA’s best center Dwight Howard, and can be understandably pardoned if things don’t go his way.
“I can’t wait, man,” Eddy Curry stated excitedly. “I probably won’t even sleep this afternoon.”
“I’m just going to try to calm down as much as possible,” continued Eddy Curry, “and treat this like a normal game, a normal situation, even though it’s not.”
As it is evident from the rift between the quality of game of the two centers, Eddy Curry wasn’t exactly the Dallas Mavericks’ number one starting choice at center. It’s been a long time since his joining the league in 2001 that Eddy Curry played a big role. In the past four seasons, Eddy Curry has played only a total of 24 games due to overshadowing weight troubles and other issues.
However, the Dallas Mavericks claimed him off waivers from the San Antonio Spurs last week to fill-in for their injury prone big man Chris Kaman, who is out with a strained calf.
If nothing else, the Dallas Mavericks expect Eddy Curry won’t be absolutely overwhelmed at the position by Dwight Howard, who is making his Los Angeles Lakers debut tonight returning from an offseason back surgery.
“The biggest thing for me is staying between him and the basket. He’s going to make some shots early,” stated Eddy Curry. “If he makes a lot of them, good for him, it’s going to be a good night (for Dwight Howard).”
But the Dallas Mavericks might expect some defensive issues from Eddy Curry, who isn’t exactly known for having a solid performance in the department. Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle has been prepping Eddy Curry for the big game since he signed with the team and defense has been a major part of practices.
“I’d rather that than dunks over the top, because that’s the stuff that gets the whole team going and whole crowd going,” Eddy Curry stated regarding Dwight Howard’s athletic abilities, “and it’s a little bit demoralizing as a defensive team.” 
Although Rick Carlisle is aware of Dwight Howard’s three-time Defensive Player of the Year titles that highlight his best capabilities in the department, the coach’s new scheme emphasizes on attacking the “monster” offensively. Rick Carlisle plans to make it difficult for Dwight Howard to effectively play both ends of the court, with the hope that the 26-year-old’s recovering back will slow him down.
And the plan also involves building further pressure on Dwight Howard by getting the ball to Eddy Curry on the block. Eddy Curry has an average of 13 points per game a on 54.5 percent shooting throughout his career

“He’s a great defender, one of the best in the league. But if you can get him moving around a little bit, working on defense, you have a better chance,” added Eddy Curry. “If he’s out there and able to catch his breath on defense, it’s going to be a long night.”
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