Eli Gets a Pass This Season

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Dec 15, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) throws a pass against the Seattle Seahawks during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsTo say that New York Giants' franchise quarterback Eli Manning has had a horrible season would be the understatement of the century.

Eli has thrown for just 3,410 yards this with 16 touchdown passes this season, has been sacked 36 times and most noticeably, has thrown 25 interceptions, which ties a career high he set back in 2010. Even more noticeably, Eli has also failed to get his team into the playoffs for the second straight year.

There is no doubt that all of these facts are bad. If this was any other franchise, there is a good chance that Eli would be let out of his contract or shown the door at the end of the season and really, could you blame a team for doing that?

With that said, however, there is no doubt that the Giants are going to give Manning a pass for this season. It may be questionable to do so considering that he is not getting any younger but there are several reasons why Eli deserves another go at it.

For starters, Eli has delivered two Super Bowls to this franchise within the last six years. There are not many quarterbacks who have done that and not only did he deliver two Super Bowls, but he was named the Most Valuable Player each time.

Yes, this is in the past but it should show you that Eli is capable of doing more than great things for this franchise. If he can lead the team to greatness twice, there is an opportunity that he might be able to do it once more.

Secondly, the blame should not be placed solely on Eli's shoulders. The Giants' offense as a whole has been brutal this season and because of that, Eli has been under a lot more pressure to perform than in recent years.

Sticking with the topic of the team's offense, the Giants are 28th in the league in total offense and is 28th in the league in total rushing yards, Yes, Eli has been terrible this year but he is not the only one who has been dragging the team's offense down.

When it comes to Eli's wide receivers, only Victor Cruz has had a good season. Eli's other main receiver, Hakeem Nicks has been dreadful this season and still does not have a touchdown.

Eli's running backs have not helped much either. As a whole, the Giants' offense has rushed for just 1,169 yards on 325 attempts, which equals out to just over three rushing yards per carry.

Lastly, the Giants owe it to Eli to stick with him. With the exception of this season, Eli has been one of the team's best and most consistent players over the last several years and more often than not, has come up big when his team has needed him the most.

Again, everyone knows that Eli has had a horrible season. With that said, the Giants and their fans should forget about this season and look forward to seeing Eli get back to being himself next season.
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