Eli Manning Wants Plaxico Burress Back

Eli Wants Plaxico Back. And Here Are The Numbers To Prove How Much The Giants Need Him.

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Plaxico Burress may be an enormous pain in the butt who constantly misses team meetings, gets into fights with his coach, and occasionally shoots himself in the leg, but he is a pretty talented wide receiver. And, unlike Jeremy Shockey, Plax is much harder to replace.

So after the Giants finished their season up with a blistering 1-4 record while Plaxico was suspended, many in the organization are ready to welcome the prodigal son back, including Eli Manning.

Manning, who appeared to regress back to his rookie season once Plaxico was cast off, had these words to say about the star receiver.

Asked point blank yesterday whether he would want Burress back, Manning said: "Sure. Sure. He's a tremendous player and ... we just gotta see what happens there."

Translation: Get this guy back before I get benched.

Other Giants players were even more supportive of Burress, making it clear that they don't care how many times Plax shot himself.

"I think he will be back," Brandon Jacobs said. "I think he should be back. I don't think he has a bad bone in his body, and I think everyone deserves a second chance."


"I think if Plaxico wants to be back here, I think he will be back," Justin Tuck said, "because I know this team, I know how we rally around people, especially our teammates. I would love to have him back. I think I speak for the majority of this football team when I say that."

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. The Giants shouldn't even consider bringing Plax back, and I can understand you on some level. But let's look at the Giants passing game as a result of Plax shooting himself in the leg and what it did to Eli Manning (These stats come courtesy of the Mighty MJD at Shutdown Corner, and they don't include Manning's horrific performance against the Eagles, which would make them even worse):

Eli's QB rating pre-Plaxico plugging himself: 91.9
Eli's QB rating post-Plaxico plugging himself: 74.2
Giants passing yards per game pre-Plaxico plugging himself: 211
Giants passing yards per game post-Plaxico plugging himself: 183
Giants passing TDs per game pre-Plaxico plugging himself: 1.6
Giants passing TDs per game post-Plaxico plugging himself: 0.6

Those are some stunning numbers right there, and they also show how one bullet to the leg effectively ended the Giants' Super Bowl dreams this year. The numbers also prove how, if you're valuable enough, even a bullet to the leg, a suspension, and a possible three-year jail sentence, won't prevent teams from employing you. God I love the NFL.

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1/15/09   |   coolkraft2003   |   6 respect

Eli sucks and that is why he wants Plaxico back...he made Eli look good.  Eli has always been hit shy and interception prone...plaxico made him look good

1/14/09   |   djjfrench   |   67 respect

Forget him, now I see why Pitt might have let him go.  They may have seen this coming.  He may come back and bounce back for the year and have a good one but... I have a feeling he'll be doing the Eddie Curry again real fast after that.  See TO.

1/14/09   |   tvjunkie1172

With Plaxico the Giants would be unstoppable. I really hope they get him! Go Giants!

1/13/09   |   YankeeDudeL   |   15 respect

I didn't think this would be too much of a problem, but apparently I was wrong.  Hixon is blazingly fast, but his hands rn't as sure as I thought they'd be, especially in colder weather.  Toomer really only had one good game w/ that great catch against Cincinatti, but after that, was invisible, dropping many easy balls.  Smith turned out to be a pretty good third receiver, but even he had a problem catching the ball this past week.  When Plax is out there, 9/10 he's catching anything thrown remotely in his direction.  So from a playing stand point, we do need him back.

But he's got to earn his way back.  For starters, not going to jail would be nice.  Too bad Bloomberg wants to fry his @$$.  If he can beat this rap, he has to prove he can be a team guy.  His immaturity and selfness has hurt the team in the past, but this year it directly hindered the progress of a team that had the best start in franchis history at 11-1 (and that was against mainly quality opponents, including a 6 game winning streak against teams w/ a .500 or better record),  If he ever plays for the Giants again, he has some ammends to make.

1/13/09   |   uptown7010

No one player opens the field like Plaxico since Jerry Rice. With Plaxico commanding double teams on every PLAY Eli not only got great looks down field but the time to throw the ball to somebody else who's open. Without Plaxico Eli is looking right into the teeth of the defense and not looking down field. A huge difference with no time to throw and no one to throw to.

1/13/09   |   nyrangers   |   192 respect

I'd take him back. He may be a complete idiot but he is a great player who had high chemistry with this team, especially Eli. We lack height in our receiving department and it shows how important he is to the team. He's not a bad guy who will be a locker room cancer it would seem as his teammates want him back, he's just a bit dumb common-sense wise 

1/13/09   |   matto214

Eli Manning miss Burress cuz Manning tend to throw ball high and Burress can grab high ball, no replace him better WR. I am not sure Burress will return with giants next year if they want him back. if Burress back with giants then i will be happy but he need stop trouble and act foolish. Burress need grow up, act like professional, man!