Eli still has a lot of work to do

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Nov 10, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) reacts after throwing a interceptions agains the Oakland Raiders at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsWith three straight wins and still in the thick of things in the NFC East, things are definitely looking up for the New York Giants.

They have had some luck with other teams in their division losing games, are getting a much better defensive effort out of their team and more importantly, are coming away with important victories to keep their playoff hopes alive. While these are all good things, there are still some bad things when it comes to the way the Giants are playing, none more glaring than the play of their franchise quarterback Eli Manning.

Even though Manning has a few wins under his belt this season, it has not been because of their star quarterback. For starters, Manning has been a turnover machine this season.

In nine games, Manning has already thrown 16 interceptions. Manning has been extremely careless with the ball and has shown a lack of judgment in throwing the ball in certain situations this season.

Secondly, Manning has not found the end zone that much this season. Manning has thrown just 11 touchdown passes this season and is looking at his worst output since his rookie season in 2004 when he threw just six touchdown passes.

Manning has also thrown a ton of incomplete passes this season. On the season, Manning has completed just 55.6 percent of his passes and while some of these are due to deflections, poor positioning on routes or the defensive system of the opponents, it is also because of poor judgement that Manning has showed often this season.

For example, in yesterday's 24-20 win over the Oakland Raiders, Manning missed a wide open Victor Cruz for what should have been a Giants' touchdown in the fourth quarter. Instead, the team had to settle for a field goal, which allowed the Raiders to stay in the game.

It also seems like Manning is struggling with his confidence. He normally does not miss his wide receivers when they are wide open and he also normally shows much better judgment when it comes to who and where he throws the football to.

Because of all of these struggles, Manning has yet to truly lead the team to a victory this season. In the past, Manning could be counted on to march his team down the field late in the game, make all the right decisions and come away with the huge victory.

It has been a much different story for Manning this season. He has not been able to come up with the big play when his team needed one the most and instead of leading his team to victories, he has often put his team behind the eight ball.

If the Giants want to continue to win down the stretch to get into the postseason, they are going to need Eli to be the Eli of old and have him at his absolute best.
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I got Manning late in a fantasy draft as an alternative option to Andrew Luck. Unfortunately he has yet to give me any reason to consider starting him over Luck this year.