EliteXC Cancels November 8 Fight Card, Will Shut Down Soon, Leaving Kimbo Slice To Fight On The Streets Again

EliteXC's Antics Are Over. They Will Not Be Missed. Well... Except For Gina Carano

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The other shoe has dropped at EliteXC. I predicted this two weeks ago after their human hype machine lost. Since then, some interesting theories have come out about their "marketing strategy", prompted by some questionable comments made by Seth Petruzelli after his win against Kimbo Slice.

Aided by the loss of Kimbo Slice, Petruzelli's comments, and the subsequent investigation by the Florida State Athletic Commission, EliteXC has cancelled their November 8 fight card, which was supposed to feature Nick Diaz and Eddie Alvarez, and it looks like they are folding altogether.

EliteXC won't exactly be missed. Most MMA fans viewed it as a circus, and even before Petruzelli stepped in to fight Kimbo, the originally scheduled main event between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock was widely considered a publicity stunt. While casual fans might have seen the fight as an MMA Hall of Famer and a streetfighting legend, it was really a match between a washed up 44-year old with a 5-fight losing streak (Shamrock), and a supremely overhyped and undertrained amateur (Slice).

Ratings had been falling for EliteXC's shows on CBS, and they really only had 2 fighters with any sort of following. One was Kimbo, whose loss to Petruzelli took a away a lot of the luster, and a lot of fans. The other was Gina Carano. Carano is an extremely talented female fighter who has been rolling through her opponents. She's popular not only for her exciting muay thai fighting style, but her looks as well. She's a great fighter, and possibly the most marketable athlete in the sport. However, she has had constant trouble making weight, and until now, she's been on a collision course with the only remaining female fighter who appears to have a chance to beat her, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. But Cyborg doesn't just have a chance... she has a great chance. It might even be safe to say she would be the favorite if the two were to fight.

Carano may have some trouble finding another major organization to showcase her talents. UFC President Dana White has made it clear that he has no interest at all in bringing female fighters into the UFC. When asked if he had any plans to bring in women, he said "I don't. I'm not a huge fan of women fighting. Period. Not to say that I don't acknowledge that there are amazing female athletes out there in every sport. I just think right now we had a hard enough time getting over the stigma of the men." EliteXC was previously the largest organization featuring women's MMA.

Hopefully Carano will find somewhere else to fight. If not, she'll be missed. But she might be the ONLY part of EliteXC that anyone will miss.

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10/21/08   |   littleice2   |   31 respect

Well The only good thing about Elite XC was Gina Carano one of the top female MMA fighters out there. If Dana White would be smart bring Gina and Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos to the UFC say for 1 fight to see if the Fans of  the UFC want to see female fighters in the cage , Because if he doesn't the people who run King of the Cage will scoop up the two fighters

10/21/08   |   PRINCE88   |   1 respect

Bout time!!!! an embarrassment to MMA.

10/21/08   |   hrlehiste

Screw you guys - I'm going home (and watch Strikeforce)

Oh wait - but Strikeforce isn't UFC either - so lets start calling RIP for it too

Whatever happened to IFL?

10/21/08   |   RunningDawg   |   248 respect

It seemed to be making the sport of MMA into a mockery

10/21/08   |   keebs8   |   1701 respect

Its about time Bimbo Spice got the axe from CBS, what a joke of a show, almost as bad as Vince Mc'Mahons XFL

10/21/08   |   jeradshaw

   I'm glad the antics are gone, but I will miss the occasional free MMA on CBS.  The Alverez Diaz fight was going to be amazing.  All and all, this is going to hurt the world of MMA more then it is going to help.  They bought up to many small organizations and just killed them.  It is a sad day in the sport of MMA and the Shaw family should be ashamed of what they did for and to the sport.

10/21/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Well, I'll certainly miss the hilarity of watching Kimbo go down in 14 seconds again.