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England boss Roy Hodgson admits England might be reduced to play-offs

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Blog Photo - England boss Roy Hodgson admits England might be reduced to play-offs

England coach Roy Hodgson has rubbished reports suggesting England would find it hard to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. Nonetheless, Roy Hodgson admitted the Three Lions will have to face trial and tests to succeed in the campaign, but will easily qualify and prosper in the World Cup held in Brazil next year.
Roy Hodgson admits England are in danger of being reduced to the play-offs, if they lose out on the automatic qualification. The former Liverpool manager admitted he is baffled by the 1-1 draw to Montenegro, but is still concentrating on helping England reach the top of their group.
“No one wants to be in the play-offs but the fact is in World Cup qualification, one team qualifies,” Roy Hodgson said. “Everyone knows that to qualify as the team that wins the group is that much harder.
“At the moment I shall focus all my attention on the friendlies in the summer, then I shall work even harder on those important four qualifiers that we have through September and October.
“If, as a result of our performances, we are second in the group, then we will worry about the team we have to qualify against.”
England still has four games left on their schedule. The Three Lions will play host to Moldova, Montenegro and Poland before making a trip to Ukraine in September. Therefore, England still has good chance of replacing on Montenegro on top of the table.
“We have an important four or five weeks from the middle of September to the middle of October, with three matches at home and one difficult one away,” Roy Hodgson continued. “By not losing this week, we have given ourselves a chance.
“But it is not quite as simple as us against them. Montenegro have to play Poland and Ukraine and they have to play against each other.”
Roy Hodgson also talked about whether he will be sacked if England doesn’t make it to the 2014 World Cup.
“It is not for me to say [what the minimum requirement is],” Roy Hodgson said. “I care as much about qualifying as anyone else and will try to do the best job I can.
“But I do know my expectations are not going to vary from anybody else's. They are always very high. We, as footballers, coaches and fans, want England to qualify for the major tournaments. As yet, we have not failed to do so.
“Maybe that question will become a bit more relevant if the day ever comes when we do fail. Until such time as we do fail I prefer to look forward positively and keep working towards our goal.”
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