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England manager Roy Hodgson wants football fans to turn into Olympic gentlemen

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Blog Photo - England manager Roy Hodgson wants football fans to turn into Olympic gentlemen
England manager Roy Hodgson wants the 2012 London Olympics to be a wake-up call for the football players and fans. Roy Hodgson feels the Olympics set a perfect example for how football fans should behave during matches. 
England faces Italy in an international friendly on Wednesday. Speaking in a news conference today, Roy Hodgson advised his men to take inspiration from Great Britain’s athletes.
The former Liverpool manager confessed he was impressed with professionalism of athletes at the Olympics. Roy Hodgson also asked football fans to learn a few things from supporters at the Olympics.
“We need to understand that when we play, as an England football team, we're under the same spotlight [as Olympians], we're under the same requirement to perform and live up to the high expectations so we can learn from that,” Roy Hodgson said.
“And the other thing I think we can learn is how well the athletes perform in interviews after the event, the humility they show when they win, the grace that they show in relation to opponents that they've beaten and the way that they quite frankly show and admit their disappointment if they didn't quite reach the level that they wanted to do.”
In spite of the desire to turn football into Olympics, Roy Hodgson pointed out that the pressure in a football stadium was much more than in an Olympic stadium. Roy Hodgson explained that playing in front of a wild crowd, which could be at home or away, was entirely different from the gentlemen environment at the Olympics.
“All these things are very good, but of course you must understand that they are performing in front of quite a different audience to the audiences we perform for,” Roy Hodgson said.
“Performing at the Olympic Stadium in front 80,000 people supporting is a bit different to playing away from home at one of the big English stadiums with quite a few people trying to upset you as much as they possibly can.”
Nonetheless, Roy Hodgson believes English fans should turn into the gentlemen supporters at the Olympics.
“Possibly, maybe this a wake-up call for us all (in football) that you don't need that hatred and abuse that football players have to suffer while they're playing,” Roy Hodgson said.
“Certainly we didn't see too much of that in the Olympic Games and maybe that makes for a safe athlete as well.”
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