Eric Gagne Tells the Steroid Tale, Again

Eric Gagne, Repeat.... Eric Gagne

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There should be an overwhelming amount of excitement brewing as playoff time grows near in the MLB. The stage is being set, and the drama is unfolding already. The following days will be filled with the who's in, who's out, who could of, who should of; it's absolutely must-see T.V. - or Internet, perhaps a smart phone. The Wild Card and Divisional races will undoubtedly go down to the wire, final games meaning the most to each hopeful team and fans. It's all the baseball world should be arguing over. 

Yet, with one swing if the pencil - or ghost writer's pencil - we will spend the entire playoffs, possibly even the world series, talking about Eric Gagne and his book
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Eric Gagne is the next in line to jump on the scribbled-bandwagon of hindsight, regret and retribution, in the form of a tell-all book. According to reports, Gagne's book reveals that he witnessed over 80% of his teammates taking P.E.D.'s while he was with the Dodgers Organization. The book does not name the players being accused, but such a dynamic number leaves little to guesstimate. Basically, according to Eric, everyone but the bat-boy was shootin' the juice - just like he did. 

Without question, news like this will spread through the sports world and every juice-conspiracy media members and baseball analysts will attempt to break down the inside truths, landing on a hard-learned lesson most of us already knew - Players in the steroid-era used steroids. No kidding? 

Plagiarism is the pinnacle no-no when it comes to writing, and rightfully so. Nobody wants to read something that has already been a published work by another author. With that said, there should be a new level of plagiarism that is upheld for sports books - Call it: Naming-players-that-juiced, or even penciling the thought.

Gagne's book has been done before, twice by the same guy. Jose Canseco was the first baseball hack - who's career was solely assisted by steroid use - to tell the world he wasn't the only one doing it and now Gagne is the next baseball hack - who's career was solely assisted by steroid use - doing so. It's the equivalent of writing a sci-fi novel, where the main character is a short, brown, alien who's finger lights up when he wants to "phone home." and publishing it today as a ground-breaking idea. We've seen it once, so we don't need to see it again, and again.

Keep it as a conversation piece in a distant French-Canadian coffee shop, Eric. We don't need to know what Jose and countless others have already told us.
Blog Photo - Eric Gagne Tells the Steroid Tale, Again

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