Everton denied goal in goalless derby with Liverpool

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Blog Photo - Everton denied goal in goalless derby with Liverpool
Everton were left with a sour taste in their mouth after stalemate against derby rivals Liverpool at Anfield. The visitors scored a through a header from Silvain Distin goal, but match referee Michael Oliver ruled it out having spotted Victor Anichebe fouling Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina.
Everton manager David Moyes was frustrated by the referee’s decision. The Scotsman claims it was a “legitimate goal” since it was Pepe Reina who ran into his player.
“It was a goal, a legitimate goal,” David Moyes said. “The goalkeeper runs into Victor Anichebe and it's a goal. The referee said that Victor impeded the goalkeeper, but it was actually the goalkeeper who ran into him so it can't possibly be a free-kick.
“It's frustrating because people are quite quick to remind me that I haven't won here at Anfield, but if you don't get any decisions, it's very hard to win here at Anfield. And that is quite a regular occurrence when we come to Anfield.”
David Moyes’s frustration at the results won’t be long lived. It will be Merseyside Blues who will be having the last laugh as Everton looks set to finish on top of Liverpool for the second successive year. With just two games remaining in the season Liverpool have little hope of overcoming the five-point Everton possess.
David Moyes claims his side has been focused towards acquiring Champions League action rather than concentrating on finishing above Liverpool.
“It is not something which has happened that often - finishing above Liverpool,” David Moyes said. “It is not something we look out for and I am sure it is not something Liverpool look out for.
“It shows we are trying to make progress against a lot of the other good sides in the division. But the only thing that does matter is the European picture for us at Everton.
“We are trying to get back among the bigger boys and play on that stage as regularly as we possibly can. We have already nearly got the best total we've ever had. We had 61 when we qualified (for the Champions League) and we've got 60 now so we've had a pretty good season.
“It will be disappointing if we don't get rewarded for it but we'll try to win the last two games and see if we can get rewarded. The comfort for me would be to qualify for Europe. That would be my main objective, it doesn't change.”
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