Ex-Cowboys WR and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin sends off the Browns on bye-week with a speech

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsFormer Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin made a speech to the Cleveland Browns before they went off their four day bye week to rest and take some personal time out. The speech was meant to make the players think about their actions on both the field and off it.
Irvin continued with his speech for nearly an hour and a half before they went for their last weekly practice. In his speech, Irvin gave the Browns importance of commitment to goals and to work hard to achieve them. He told them about the qualities that define champions from the average ball players and advised them to stay away from trouble off the field. The objective of the speech was to give the players something to think about before they went off.
"Everything that comes out of his mouth, you have to respect it and listen to it, not only the young guys but the older guys," said Joe Haden, cornerback for the Browns. "Everybody knows what it is to be in this league, and just to hear how passionate he is about it, it really makes you look yourself in the mirror and be like, 'Is this that important to me like it is to him?"'
Irvin has a star studded career with three Super Bowl wins. In his views, the Browns has what it needs to become champions if they show commitment to the cause.
"I see the young talent on this team, and it harkens me back to our early days in Dallas where you could see it," said Irvin. "You started to feel like, 'Hey, man, we got a chance of doing something, man.'
Irvin said that the team had the talent to evolve into the best but that would only be possible if they wanted it that way and were willing to work for it.
"So the physical talent, we know it's there,” Irvin said. “The thing that's going to separate the good from the great and the others from the champions, is if you have the ability to make a commitment one man to the other, 'Each and every time I step on this field, I will get my job done.'"
This is part of the NFL player engagement program in which retired players visit the teams to share their views and give advice. 
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