Ex-NFL player arrested for assaulting Hope Solo

Whoa! Jerramy Stevens spent the night in jail on suspicion of hitting Hope Solo

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Blog Photo - Ex-NFL player arrested for assaulting Hope SoloThe strangest and most unsettling sports news of the day involves one of the strangest and most unsettling NFL players of recent years, plus two-time gold medalist and women's soccer heartthrob Hope Solo. In a horrible-sounding incident that will leave guys nationwide wondering, "Why is she dating him and not me?", Ms. Solo's fiance and former Seahawks and Buccaneers tight end Jerramy Stevens was arrested early Tuesday morning for suspicion of assault. It should be noted that while Stevens spent the night in jail, he has now been cleared of all charges and released.

Stevens and Solo were to be married today, which is also Stevens' 33rd birthday. Instead, Jerramy Stevens woke up this morning in an orange jumpsuit whilst detained in a Kirkland, Washington jail. So... Happy birthday, Jerramy Stevens!

The whole story of the Jerramy Stevens-Hope Solo assault arrest reads like some of the most horrible relationship drama I've seen the last time I watched "Real Housewives". Kirkland, Washington police were called onto the scene after Ms. Solo's brother Marcus had to fight off some uninvited guests with a stun gun. Once police arrived, they found Ms. Solo bleeding. As her brother was questioned by police, Ms. Solo allegedly yelled at him, "Don't say anything to them, Marcus!"

Blog Photo - Ex-NFL player arrested for assaulting Hope SoloAs police swept the home, they found another woman on the scene whose hip had somehow just been injured. Police then found Jerramy Stevens hiding under a bed, though he claims to have simply been asleep there throughout the entire incident. Ms. Solo's blood was found on his shirt, and Stevens was taken into custody on suspicion of fourth-degree assault.

The two of them seem to be, ummm, kind of combustible together. Ms Solo had previously accused her "Dancing with the Stars" partner of slapping her. Jerramy Stevens, meanwhile, has ten separate bullet points under "Legal Troubles" on his Wikipedia page.  Stevens now has three assault arrests under his belt -- and two of these were assaults on women, but charges were not filed in either case. Stevens additionally has one DUI arrest, and once crashed his car into a nursing home.

I have to point out again that Stevens has been released, with no evidence or charges of assault. I'm guessing these two will not get married today, but who knows how much of a role common sense is playing in this relationship.

For the full account of this incident as new details come available, follow the Twitter feed of Seattle's KING 5 reporter Chris Daniels. That guy has been camped out at the courthouse all day, and is posting developments as they happen.
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Hope Solo is a man,* so what's the problem?

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*sigh*. This guy's a tool, said the Seahawks fan. He's had so many issues with alcohol, this should surprise nobody (and probably doesn't). And by the sounds of local news, the engagement is likely still on...wedding delayed or not. This is an interesting pairing, to say the least.