Exclusive Interview with NY Jets star LB Demario Davis

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Blog Photo - Exclusive Interview with NY Jets start LB Demario Davis

I had the pleasure of chatting with New York Jets second-leading tackler and budding star,LB Demario Davis.
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Me: How was your journey to the NFL? Did you feel you were going to go anywhere in particular during the draft and any team show more interest than any other?
Demario: It was a great process, I just felt blessed to have the opportunity to get drafted. I spent a lot of my time preparing for marriage and our wedding. I was constantly on the phone with my wife, then fiancé, talking with counselors, spiritual mentors about marriage and going over wedding day plans and what not. So I didn't feed into all the hype and stuff too much. I just felt like God would put  me where he wanted me. And he did. 
Me: Knowing that you are a very religious person and that your faith is very important -- is there anything you do, particularly pregame that helps you focus and helps you through tough losses?

Demario: A lot of praying and reading God's word throughout the week just seeking guidance on what he wants me to do on and off the field. Life is so much bigger than football so I'm able to keep that in perspective during wins and losses. There is however in football and life, and staying composed and continuing to fight in football helps in life. Scripture keeps me focused through it all, whether football or life.

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GFortier wrote:
props on getting this interview, well done. 

Thanks bud! Appreciate it.

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props on getting this interview, well done.