Explosions rock Boston Marathon, two dead
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WATCH/LISTEN LIVE: Three dead, more than 100 injured in Boston Marathon explosions

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Blog Photo - Explosions rock Boston Marathon, two deadA horrible development at this year's Boston Marathon, as two separate deadly explosions at the finish line of the marathon disrupted the race. NBC News is reporting the the devices that exploded were, in fact, IED's that somehow evaded race course security.

Dozens were injured in the blast, and there are two confirmed fatalities. Fortunately, the blasts happened near the medical tent which prevented further injuries. There have been reports of a third explosion, but many reports are saying the third explosion was a planned police drill.

Listen, I don't have a lot of information yet on the Boston Marathon explosion. There is a live NBC News feed of the emergency which is providing constant updates of all known information as it becomes available. There is also a live audio feed of the Boston Police Fire and EMT station -- understanding that broadcast requires some familiarity with EMT terminology, and some of the sounds you hear will be absolutely chilling.

Blog Photo - Explosions rock Boston Marathon, two deadThe Boston Globe is reporting that at least three people parished in the blast, including an eight-year old boy. Well over 100 people were reported injured, many with lost limbs. Expect that tally to change as more damage assessment is done. All off-duty Boston police officers have now been called in to work.

It's fairly gruesome, but NBC News has video of the explosions. The photo at left was snapped by a passerby near the finish line area where the bombs went off.

Yes, those red stains are blood. This is horrible. I've run marathons before, and I assure you that the individuals who trained for months are exceedingly disappointed if they were unable to finish the race. And those are the ones who still have two functioning legs -- my heart goes out the the injured.

That doesn't even begin to address the families and loved ones of the two participants who were killed by the blast. Our deepest sympathies go to them, and we will post more information as it becomes available.
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horrible, just horrible!