FA Cup Semi-Final: Liverpool Needed To Win And Win They Did.

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Blog Photo - FA Cup Semi-Final: Liverpool Needed To Win And Win They Did.I only recently said that Liverpool desperately needed to win the FA Cup and it looks like they have already taken the first step with a victory over Everton in the Semi-Final at Wembley last night. Chelsea are currently a goal to the good. Drogba and Mata have been on the score sheet for Chelsea while Bale has pulled one back for Spurs. Personally I would love to see them play out a draw which means that both these clubs will have to play an addition match that would go well with Arsenal in terms of fatigue and match fitness. Negative mentality I know, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Back to the topic at hand; Liverpool. Their win wasn’t convincing and their defense was all over the place in the first half but what really matters is the result and that enough should give the flailing team some confidence. I really want Liverpool to win this one (coming from an Arsenal fan) because like I said before, it hurts to see them where they are at the moment.

Andy Carroll scored a goal right at the death; that’s two goals in two games for the towering Englishman now. Rumor has it that he has been using Henderson’s hair gel but I’m sure there are superior reasons behind his purple patch. Henderson could use some of that gel on his boots though. He really needs it. He has been consistently poor and Maxi showed him how it’s done in his brief cameo which almost resulted in a goal.

Suarez was surprisingly unselfish during the whole match and that really for me were the best moments of the match. Both Suarez and Carroll have a chance to build a formidable partnership and as far as their reputation goes they need to be scoring in double figures every season.

Long story short, Liverpool now have the bragging rights and hopefully (and I pray that they do) will win the FA Cup. I am tired of seeing City and Spurs in the top four. I want Liverpool and Chelsea back where they belong in the league; among the top four.

As a side note I really must mention that Brad Jones has impressed me a lot. He was without any doubt thrown into the deep end but has been able to make a decent name for himself. It’s not every day that you get to see a reserve keeper who has rarely made it past the training ground stand in between the posts on a day that is not only signified by being a Wembley semifinal but also by being a derby match. He was given his chance and he did take it supremely well.
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