FACT CHECK: Apparently Lil Wayne did once bang Chris Bosh's wife

Fact-checking Lil Wayne's Miami Heat rant: Apparently he did once bang Chris Bosh's wife

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Blog Photo - FACT CHECK: Apparently Lil Wayne did once bang Chris Bosh's wifeThose of us who prefer sleazy NBA gossip over PPFGA-type statistical analysis were handed a delightful gift shortly after Sunday night's NBA All-Star Game. Outlandish-behaving hip hop legend Lil Wayne was performing at an All-Star after party at an exclusive nightclub in Houston, and went off on a profane and inflammatory rant directed at the Big Three stars of the Miami Heat. Mr. Wayne claimed, among other things, that the Heat have banned him from sitting courtside at NBA games, and that he has previously done the nasty with Chris Bosh's wife, Adrienne Williams.

It is difficult to discern exactly what Lil Wayne said, as I think the man was born with an autotune machine in his throat. I have made my best attempt at transcribing Weezy's remarks (that's what the kids call him, right?). You can see video of Lil Wayne's anti-Miami Heat rant below, and then we will perform a Snopes.com-style analysis to determine whether Lil Wayne's claims are, in fact, true.

As best I can tell, Lil Wayne's diatribe goes as follows:

"The NBA banned me from all NBA games. [crowd boos] Hold up. I got to let you know why, though. Because y’all be on these -- y'all love these n*****s, I got to let you know why. It’s because the Miami Heat told them to ban me. [combination of cheers and boos from the crowd] So... so.... But I said, 'F*** it', I'm still going to come out here and party with Empire, party with Drizzy, party with y'all, for the last day. Plus y'all got a cool-ass skate park out here that I'm going to go skate at tomorrow. But let's finish having a good time -- when I say 'F***', you say 'NBA'... F***! ...[crowd yells "NBA"]... When I say 'F***', you say 'Miami Heat'... F***! [crowd yells "Miami Heat"]... Let's go! [video cuts to moments later in the performance, Lil Wayne resumes ranting].... F*** She-Wade! F*** Chris Bosh! Fuck all them n*****s! And... and... and… and… I f***** Chris Bosh's wife!" [crowd goes bananas]

The embedded video below is taken from Lil Wayne's nightclub performance Sunday night. The video, courtesy TMZ, is mere amateur cell phone video, so the audio is not entirely clear. Please let me know in the Comments whether any of that transcription is inaccurate!

Now let's take a look at Lil Wayne's claims and assess whether they are accurate.

CLAIM: "The NBA banned me from all NBA games."
  • FALSE - The Miami Herald contacted the league office for comment on this. NBA Senior Vice President Tim Frank told the Herald this is "not true", and no ban has been placed on Lil Wayne's attendance.
CLAIM: "The Miami Heat told them to ban me."
  • FALSE - Lil Wayne is not even banned from attending NBA games in the first place, but it is true that his prior friendship with the Heat's Big Three has cooled considerably. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James had in the past acknowledged and shook hands with Lil Wayne when he had courtside seats. The two players have recently curtailed this habit, which Lil Wayne has interpreted as a sign of disrespect. Lil Wayne claims he was ejected from a Heat-Lakers game on Feb. 10 for "rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team". A representative of the Miami Heat clarified that "Lil Wayne was not ejected from the building. He chose to leave." Eyewitness accounts indicate that Weezy was approached by security for making a gun gesture with his fingers, directing the gesture at a nearby Miami fan.
Blog Photo - FACT CHECK: Apparently Lil Wayne did once bang Chris Bosh's wifeCLAIM: "I f***** Chris Bosh's wife!"
  • APPARENTLY TRUE - Chris Bosh's wife is the radiant woman seen at left, Adrienne Bosh (formely Adrienne Williams). She has cleaned up quite nicely now that she is married to an NBA superstar with a net worth of $50 million.
  • But during a less-dignified prior phase of her career, Mrs. Bosh was a model known as "Short Stack" and something of a regular in the VIP areas of Atlanta nightclubs. According to a friend's testimony shared with GlobalGrind.com, "(Lil) Wayne messed with the Cincinnati, Ohio native back when she was still modeling for magazines like Smooth, but things turned sour when she allegedly scammed Lil Wayne out of a lot of money."

  • According to the source, "Adrienne told Lil Wayne she was sick with cancer and needed money for treatment. When Weezy gave her the cash, she vanished."

    Now these are just anonymous quotes from an ex-friend, and there is no reason to just believe these claims straight up. But taking a look at Mrs. Bosh's Twitter feed since Lil Wayne's boast, you'll notice she has been madly retweeting messages of faith, love and support -- without a single denial making it's way into her messaging.

    There is no real way to verify whether Mrs. Bosh and Lil Wayne actually had intercourse. But when Lil Wayne gives sums of money to a groupie, I think it is a fair assumption that woman has put out to some degree.
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