FIA intervenes as Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren protest over Red Bullís RB8

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Blog Photo - FIA intervenes as Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren protest over Red Bullís RB8
According to media reports, the FIA has decided to resolve the row over the controversial holes in the floor of the Red Bull RB8. In a recent news conference, FIA announced that it was going to put an end to this saga in the next couple of days.
Red Bull’s RB8 design has found itself under criticism from Formula One powerhouses Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren over the past few weeks. Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren are questioning the legality of the holes just above the rear wheels of the Red Bull car.
The FIA has intervened to resolve the matter once and for all after a series of behind-the-curtain protests following the results of Monaco Grand Prix.
According to a Formula One official it is better to resolve the RB8 issue before the Canadian Grand Prix. The Formula One official further stated that taking prompt action is necessary as delayed results could damage the sport.
The Formula One official explained that the results of the Monaco Grand Prix were at risk of being overturned because of protests over the RB8.
According to media reports, the discussion over Red Bull’s design RB8 will take place in the next couple of days. The reports also suggested that this issue will be concluded before the end of this week.
Meanwhile, the FIA has also confirmed that the RB8 dilemma will not be part of the Canadian Grand Prix. The FIA is expected to come up with a press conference in the next 24 hours.
“Red Bull have not been asked to change anything yet,” a spokesman for the FIA said providing some clarification on the matter. “However, there is a difference of opinion over interpretation of a regulation, which we intend to clarify our position on during the next days.”
The RB8 dilemma revolves around holes in the bottom of the Red Bull car. Those opposing to holes in the RB8 question the legality of the design. Red Bull’s design RB8 does not feature small slots to the edge of the floor. The slots are quite prominent in Ferrari’s latest car.
The FIA spokesman on the issue further stated that both sides had strong arguments; therefore, proper research needed to be done before making a final decision.
“We think there are arguments on both sides so a position will have to be taken,” the FIA spokesman concluded.
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