FORD, Where 0-16 is Job One!!

12/28/08 in NFL   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect

0-16, season over. Well, actually the season was over before it started. The Detroit Lions ended the pre-season 4-0, and every one of us fans knew. We knew it was to good to be true, but we bit, just like we do EVERY SINGLE year. I started following Detroit Lions fooball in 1970. One year later, at the age of 11 years, i was watching the Lions vs. the Bears, when Chuck Hughes, a Lions wide receiver, collapsed, and died of a heart attack, on the field...nice thing for a 11 year old to see...the next week, at Green Bay.Two years later, the Lions hired Super Bowl winning Head Coach Ed McCafferty...he passed away in July before coaching one game for the Lions.Thirteen years old, and i had seen two death's on my favorite football team.Many years latter,a horrible death to Erick Andolsek, a talented young offensive lineman, was killed by a drunk driver in his hometown in the off-season. Death has hung over the Lions for, it seems, forever, on the field, and off. Today, the Detroit Lions franchise, once a proud member of the National Football League, has been given it's last rights..the machine has to be turned off, the plug pulled. Every fan knows the answer, how the turnaround can start. We, as Lions fans have always known..William Clay Ford must sell the team. This was supposed to be a season of honor..the franchises 75th anniversary season... the fans were honored by the FIRST, and ONLY 16 loss team in one year, in NFL HISTORY.
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12/28/08   |   das3cr   |   288 respect

Being a Lions fan is a love hate relationship.  0-16 ... says it all.  They need something new for sure.