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5/29/08 in HS Basketball   |   honeylemon60   |   respect

Hello everyone,
I am trying to figure out on how to write a blog, this is the first time i write one, and i am shy to publish this blog, but i want to share to you, the fun and excitement when i am watching games, mostly on television, oh, i have the chance to watch basketball play live in Araneta Coliseum with my husband, the all time favorites, it is fun, but the truth is i dont like the excitement although i know and i see that everyone have the same reaction ; to screams, shout, and even say good or bad words to the player. I say i don't like the excitement because i am noisy, clap and cheers.., and also am very nervous for what the outcome., its for real, unlike if you are watching fantasy movie that there some fairy or some amulets to help you, but  sometimes theres some like miracle in the playing field that you did'nt expect..the one you did'nt expect to win, WINS..
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