Fabrice Muamba Suffers A Cardiac Arrest While Playing Against Spurs; Still In Critical Condition

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Fabrice Muamba is still in the intensive care unit after being admitted to the London Chest Hospital during Bolton’s FA Cup clash against the Spurs at White Hart Lane. Details regarding the reason for his collapse are coming out slowly. Bolton Wanderers and the hospital have released a joint statement which stated that Muamba had suffered a cardiac arrest and is still under intensive care.

The statement read: “Fabrice Muamba remains in a critical condition in intensive care in the Heart Attack Center at The London Chest Hospital. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday evening after collapsing at White Hart Lane, where he sustained a cardiac arrest during the FA Cup Quarter Final against Tottenham Hotspur. Fabrice received prolonged resuscitation at the ground and on route to the The London Chest Hospital, where his heart eventually started working. As is normal medical practice, Fabrice remains anaesthetized in intensive care and will be for at least 24 hours. His condition continues to be closely monitored by the cardiac specialists at the hospital.”

Howard Webb, the referee for the night made the right decision by abandoning the match due to the seriousness of the incident. Harry Redknapp reiterated this fact saying that it would have been unfair to continue to match due to general state of shock in the whole stadium.

“It was the right decision to abandon the game, everybody was in a state of shock and it wouldn’t have been right to carry on. Football is the last thing on anyone’s mind when an awful situation such as this happens. All we are thinking about now is Fabrice and his family.”

The Spurs fans, the medical staff and the ground staff have all been hailed by all segments of England. A fellow Arsenal fan echoed my feelings for the Spurs fans saying, “Spurs fans and medical team were superb yesterday. Rivalry put aside, respect reaches out to them.” I have also heard that a Spurs fan ran from the stands shouting that he is a cardiologist and was allowed in by the stewards and accompanied Muamba all the way to the hospital. This is an unconfirmed account but if this is true, respect for the Spurs fans have increased in my eyes even more.

The Spurs players were in as much agony as the Bolton players. It was nice to see football transcending rivalries. The players may be at each other on the field but off the field, they are all one. A crying Defoe was in under so much distress that he had to be consoled by Bale. Gary Cahill, the former Bolton defender, displayed an undershirt with “Pray 4 Muamba” written after he scored the opener against Leicester City in their FA Cup clash. The Official Arsenal website have issued a statement and extended their thoughts towards the family of their former youth player. Facebook pages are cropping up in prayer for Muamba. Among all the rivalries and profanities that fans sling at each other, it is refreshing to see them come together when it really matters the most.

Praying that we Muamba on the field pretty soon and in great health. 
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Thoughts go to the family and teammates