Fahn-Dahn-Get your butt in the ring!

3/18/13 in WWE   |   kjbriden   |   19 respect

        Does the WWE really think that this is a good way to introduce a new wrestler?
        Its been several weeks now of vignettes and promos for Fandango, and tonight was the first time he put his feet in the ring.  Still, though, he refused to wrestle his opponent, and left fans aggravated and dissatisfied.  And not in a good way.
        Sometimes, these techniques create a great heel, hated immediately by the WWE universe.  Fandango, though, is just a massive waste of time.  I don't want sit and wait for him to wrestle, I want to change the channel.  It seems less and less like a gimmick, and more and more like the WWE doesn't know how to fill three hours of television.
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