Fair Question: What's Up With That Hill at Minute Maid Park?

7/5/07 in MLB   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

The 700 Level may be a little bitter over this great Hunter Pence catch behind the pole on Tuesday night, but he asks a question worth asking at least once a summer -- What's up with that stupid hill?

So what's the story behind that hill? Our friend Texas Gal from Ladies... was in the first row, centerfield, last night, and shares some history: "The hill is an homage to the one in old Crosley Field in Cincinnati, and it's called "Tal's Hill," after Astros' President Tal Smith, who came up with the idea. (eds note: If Pence keeps playing the way he has since being called up, they might have to call it Hunter's Hill. I vote for Henry Hill though.) The flagpole in play? That's a tribute to the one from Tiger Stadium. Some of the players have called Tal's Hill the "Grassy Knoll" in the past, but most people just call it "the Hill."

Just curious, do you like the hill in Houston?

Source: (The 700 Level)
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7/6/07   |   Terry   |   25 respect

i like it, makes it unique and it makes for some crazy plays

7/5/07   |   PhillyFan27

I didn't mind it before the Phillies went to Houston....I hated it while they were there. I don't mind it now that they left.

7/5/07   |   LackOfEmotion   |   1 respect

It is just Houston's way of making their park unique. It may have been Tal Smith's idea of a memorial, but in the end it is just something to set the park apart and call "historical" when the owner doesnt want to foot the bill for a new park in 30 years.



7/5/07   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

It's all well and good...until someone breaks their leg or gets a concussion running into the pole. I think memorials like that are cool, but this one seems to be going a bit far.

7/5/07   |   WhoDey   |   6 respect

I love the hill.  The park is just so odd.  Short left field, really long center, and it makes it fun to play in the video games!!  lol