Falcons CB Asante Samuel big role against Patriotsí offense on Sunday

9/27/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAtlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel expects the Patriots offense to keep him busy when the two team teams collide on Sunday night.
 “I’m kind of used to not getting too many balls my way. I’m sure my boy Brady will come at me,” said Samuel.
For his first five seasons in NFL, Samuel was a cornerback for the Patriots. He won two Super Bowls with quarterback Tom Brady and his Patriots during that period (2003-07).
“We had a lot of battles,” Samuel recalled his experience of playing with Brady. “He loves to try to be perfect as possible, and the way he prepares every day is true professionalism. He has the total package.”
Although the Falcons seemed to have a good balance of talent and experience when they entered the season among the NFC favorites, they have walked off the tracks a bit since then – with a 1-2 record leading into their Week 4 game. As for the Patriots, even though the team has a perfect 3-0 record, Tom Brady been less potent than usual. His passes are at a record low of 57.5 percent and has racked only 232 yards a game.
Even though Brady might not seem to be much of a threat, the Falcons know better than to take him casually. Thomas DeCoud, safety for Falcons said “Some quarterbacks may need a yard or a half yard of separation to feel comfortable throwing the ball. You could be draped all over (a receiver), and if he feels there’s enough space . . . the ball is coming.” He added, “He puts it in the right place, and with his accuracy his confidence in his arm is incredible. You’re really not going to trick him very much.”
The Falcons had a few green drafts on the field like cornerback Desmond Trufant and linebackers Paul Worrilow and Joplu Bartuwhen they got defeated by Miami Dolphins. They will need to learn fast because experience at the NFL is costly and blunders not tolerated.
Truant commented on Brady saying “He’s very efficient. He’s very up-tempo. He’ll catch you on your heels. People are still lining up or getting the calls in, and he’s running a play. He’s seen it all . . . You’ve got to be on your Ps and Qs because he’ll expose you.”
But Samuel may still remember a few things from the Patriots and about Brady that may give him just the edge to turn the tide in their favor. 
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