Falcons looking to trade up for a cornerback in the NFL Draft

Falcons looking to trade up for a cornerback, here are five potential trade partners

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Blog Photo - Falcons looking to trade up for a cornerback in the NFL DraftAtlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has made it very clear that he is not happy with the 30th overall pick in the NFL Draft. He has expressed several times that he would prefer to move up in the first round, and I don't doubt that he has the aggressiveness to do so. You may remember that in 2011 the Falcons moved up from 27th overall to 6th for the opportunity to select Julio Jones. They gave up five draft picks in that trade.

In the same way Dimitroff coveted a top receiver in 2011, he covets one of the top cornerbacks in 2013. Reports suggest that he is willing to pull off another blockbuster trade to move up and select a cornerback on Thursday night. His two preferred corners are reportedly Dee Milliner and Xavier Rhodes. Whether or not Dimitroff is able to strike a deal to move up is as unpredictable as anything in the draft, but here are five teams that are realistic possibilities to help the Falcons get their desired defensive back:

Cleveland Browns (6th overall): I doubt this one, but you never know. The Falcons would be moving from 30th to 6th in this scenario, and while that may seem far-fetched, they traded with the same team to move from 27th to 6th just two years ago. This is the earliest I can see top cornerback Dee Milliner being drafted, so it may be a prime spot for the Falcons to swoop in and snag their top guy. The Browns do need a cornerback as well, but they may not be able to resist the abundance of draft picks that would be coming their way.

Miami Dolphins (12th overall): The Dolphins are rumored to be looking to trade up and looking to trade down, but not many reports suggest that they want to stay in this spot. As a result, any trade scenario could be in play. There is a slight chance that Milliner could fall to this spot, and Xavier Rhodes would probably be available here. While the Dolphins are open to trading down, I don't believe they would want to trade all the way down to 30th. However, if no other option is available, they could strike a deal with the Falcons.

New York Jets (9th and 13th overall): The Jets have too many holes on their roster to fill with a couple of first-round picks, so rookie GM John Idzik is looking to move down and stockpile draft picks in a trade. I expect them to address either wide receiver or rush linebacker with one of the picks, and try hard to trade the other one. There's a solid chance that Milliner could be available with the 9th pick, and Rhodes with the 13th.

New York Giants (19th overall): This is another one that I'm not too sure of, simply because a lot of people have the Giants selecting a cornerback themselves with this pick. However, I think the Giants would be better suited to draft a middle linebacker in the first round. If they were to move down to 30th, I think that either Alec Ogletree, Manti Te'o, or Arthur Brown would be available to them. All three project as starting linebackers, so the Giants could get extra picks in a trade with the Falcons while still filling a big position need.

St. Louis Rams (22nd overall): The Rams have two first-round picks, and they may trade up from their first one (16th overall) to ensure that they can select wide receiver Tavon Austin. If they do trade up, they could be interested in replacing some of the draft picks lost in the trade by making a deal with the Falcons. 22nd is a good spot for the Falcons, as they would jump ahead of the Patriots, Broncos, Vikings (twice), and Colts - all teams that could very well select a cornerback.

I have no idea whether or not the Falcons will complete a trade to draft one of the top cornerbacks, but if they do, my guess is that they trade with one of these five teams.
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