Falcons players talking about perfect 16-0 season

Is it too early for the Falcons to be talking about 16-0?

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October 14, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White (84) runs after a catch in the game against the Oakland Raiders at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons beat the Raiders 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIREThe Falcons are 8-0 at the midpoint of the NFL season, and some of their players are already talking about a perfect season.

Is it a bit premature? Probably, but the questions are bound to pop up when there's only one team left without a loss.

Roddy White, in particular, has said that the Falcons can pull off the rare feat:
"I think we've got the pedigree to do it. Offensively and defensively and how we are as a team. The locker room is very, very united right now. We go into every week expecting to win. We've still got to be consistent, don't turn the ball over and get turnovers. That's been the key to winning games all over this league. If we continue to do that, we'll be just fine."

The Falcons have a tough test coming up against the defending Super Bowl champion Giants, who already destroyed the 49ers, another top NFC team, earlier this year.

After that, the Falcons' schedule is relatively easy.

The problem is, their schedule has been easy up to this point as well, so what have we really learned?

We've seen the Matt Ryan is having a great year with WRs Julio Jones and Roddy White, and that Tony Gonzalez is still an excellent tight end. We've seen that their defense can exploit bad offenses, and remain steady against good offenses.

Right now, the Falcons are among the favorites in the NFC, but there's really no way to tell how good they really are, based on what they've done so far.

This week should be an interesting test, and perhaps we should wait until after they beat the Giants before we start entertaining any 16-0 talk.
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11/8/12   |   Scott   |   54146 respect

I might be the only one who thinks this but the Falcons better be weary of the Saints this weekend.

11/8/12   |   abac89   |   838 respect

Im a Falcons fan but im also a realist I don't see Atlanta going undefeated 1 because records go out the window when you play a division game you are going to always get that teams best shot and 2 near the end of the season Mike Smith is not going to be worried about going 16-0 he is going to be more interested in keeping the guys fresh for the postseason so a lot of the starters probably wont be out there especially if they have already clinched the division and first round bye.