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Blog Photo - Fan Base FascinationThe NFL fan base personality is a fascinating thing of beauty that sometimes becomes a monster. As a former player being on the other side of the fence per se, I'm getting in tune with how fan bases work now. Passion is sometimes an understatement. Twitter is a great resource to check how certain fan bases interact with each other positively and negatively. For Instance, the battle of the NFC EAST trash talk Twitter conversations I witnessed was amazing with so much history as well as humorous which is the beauty. 

On the other side of that is what took place in Houston. When certain fans of the Texans actually were booing there own starting Quarterback for getting injured. Even the opposing team players took offense to that type of fan base passion and that is the monster. 

Football is that one sport where the fans only get to see their team play 1 game per week for 16 weeks out of the year so the fervor of the buildup to game time is unlike any other Sport so it's understandable how the emotions run so high. With that said sometimes that emotion is taken a bit too far. The Fans mentality of "WE" did it can quickly turn to "YOU" suck and hope bad intentions come your way. 

This fascination to me goes back generations and will continue with even more social media interaction for generations to come. 
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10/16/13   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

"The Fans mentality of "WE" did it can quickly turn to "YOU" suck..."

The sad truth of these words makes it such a powerful statement. I am one of those people that many make fun of - I have the mentality of "we" when talking about my team (unless I catch myself and I'm trying to be professional.) However, I've also been there and maintained the "we" mentality through the best and worst of times, unlike many I've seen even among my fellow Seahawks fans. I'm seeing it with the Mariners now. 

Nobody should ever wish for injury on any player, including one on their own team. Contrary to what the league would like us to believe, these aren't robots. These are human beings whose job is to play a game, a game which at its very foundation is to entertain us. Nothing more. It's appalling how evil people can be.