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Welcome to the next installment of Fan Conversations, our way of bringing the best attribute of FanIQ to the forefront. Since we're in the thick of March Madness I thought I'd reach out to one of our most knowledgeable basketball fans. Say hello to Senecasfinest who's celebrating a Kansas Sweet 16 appearance.

The Vitals
Name: Jeremy
Age: 24
Location: 1 block west of state line, Kansas City, KS
Job: Student (UMKC Law)
Favorite sports: Baseball
Favorite expert: Peter Gammons; Does Bill James count?
Least favorite expert: Sean Salisbury
Fav sport to watch: College Basketball
Fav actor: Tie between Don Cheadle and Johnny Depp
Fav actress: Robin Wright Penn (simply for being wicked hot in Princess Bride)

How'd you stumble across FanIQ?
Someone actually posted a link on the old Illiniboard.

Does the name senecasfinest have any special meaning?
Yeah, I grew up in Seneca, KS, and I am the finest person from there, naturally.

Your studying the Law correct? What's your ideal job post schooling?
Something boring, definitely not litigation. I'm most interested in wills, estates, and trusts, as well as business/real estate law.

You're a Jayhawk alum. What exactly does Rock Chalk Jayhawk mean?
Basically, it started out as a chant for the Science Club when studying the chalk rock. I'm not really sure how it evolved into a chant for sporting events, but Teddy Roosevelt loved it. Here's a link for better explanation:

How'd you become a Royals fan. More importantly, how do you continue to be a Royals fan?
Probably only because of geography, but growing up and watching George Brett and Bo Jackson made it easy to be a Royals fan. Now, not so much. You know, it's not that hard to be a Royals fan, because you can never really be disappointed, and any time that anything positive happens, it's grounds for a celebration.

When will the Royals turn around their losing ways? Or are they subject to the basement with the current financial factors?

Royals should be competitive in 2008, with most of the promising young stars like Billy Butler and Alex Gordon getting their feet wet this season and the pitching staff should continue to improve. The financial situation is a nice excuse, but if the Royals would have drafted better under the prior GM, the Royals would not have had 3 consecutive 100-loss seasons, and could have at least been competitive. Sure, it would be nice if Beltran, Dye, and Damon had all stayed, but I doubt they would have stayed, regardless of what the Royals would have offered.

What's the best sporting event you've been to live?
I was on the floor for the Texas-KU game in Allen Fieldhouse a few years back, where T.J. Ford and Nick Collison went head to head for a great game, where Collison had 23 points and 22 rebounds (i think) and Dickie V gave him a standing ovation.

What's the one sporting event you haven't been to you most want to attend?
Probably the World Series, or heck, any Royals playoff game.

After the first two rounds, are you sticking with your pick of Kansas to win it all (game today pending)?
Absolutely. There is enough talent on KU's roster to beat anyone; it just depends on if they show up to play. With that said, I'm not terribly confident about today's Kentucky game.

Who do you think will play in the World Series this year?
I honestly have no clue at this point, but if I had to make a guess, I'd probably pick the Yankees and Phillies.

Favorite website outside of FanIQ?
Tie between and

Who is your NBA finals pick? I suppose I should rephrase -- Mavs or Suns?
I actually think the Spurs are a better contender than the Suns, but for my Finals pick, I guess I'd take the Mavs winning over the Bulls.

Cliche portion of the interview ...

3 CDs on a desert island ...?
I'm a music nut, so this is awfully tough for me, but maybe the Clash's London Calling, Miles Davis's Kind of Blue, and Sublime's 40 oz. to Freedom.

3 people you'd invite to dinner with you?
Thomas Edison, Buck O'Neil, and my wife's father.

Favorite sports moment of your life?
This should put in perspective how bad KU's football program has been, but I was at the 2005 game against Nebraska, where KU broke the 36-year losing streak against Nebraska. The day was absolutely electric, and seeing old farts rush the field was pretty awesome.

This is FanIQ home to bold predictions ... whats one bold prediction for the 2007 sports year you have?
Cleveland wins the World Series.

On FanIQ:

Do you have any good friends on FanIQ?
I talk pretty often to Matt and gearhead; I'd consider them friends.

Weirdest hangout question you've answered?
Have you ever sneezed in a library?

Favorite polls to answer?
Game polls, but only because I do well at them.

What's the best prediction you've made this year?
The year is young, but predicting that Wisconsin would lose in the 2nd round and the Big Ten only having one team in the Sweet 16, after having none last year ended up being okay. (yeah, i know that was a cheap shot)

Who should I interview next week?
Matt. He's a pretty entertaining dude.

Thanks Jeremy!
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5/21/07   |   Poli_   |   93 respect come I've never seen this...good read

5/15/07   |   Jess   |   34899 respect

Great interview, guys!

3/22/07   |   Eric   |   239 respect

all_staralex wrote:
i hate interviews that lie.

lol... that's why It's "bold"

3/21/07   |   all_staralex   |   13 respect

Seth wrote:
Even better is his bold prediction for Cleveland to win the world series.

i hate interviews that lie.

3/21/07   |   WhoDey   |   6 respect

Seth wrote:
Even better is his bold prediction for Cleveland to win the world series.

lol i hope!!!!!!!

3/19/07   |   Seth   |   301 respect

Ryan wrote:

Great interview!!  (especially the part about the Phillies being in the World Series!)



Even better is his bold prediction for Cleveland to win the world series.

3/19/07   |   Nate   |   128 respect

This was actually a really good addition to the FanIQ site.  Good job Critical Fanatic and senacasfinest.  Question is this on the front sign in page, because I think this would be something a soon to be member should read.

3/18/07   |   Eric   |   239 respect

Ryan wrote:

Great interview!!  (especially the part about the Phillies being in the World Series!)



I hope not... I actually would like to see Philly and St. Louis in the NLCS. I think that would be a great series seing Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols going at it.

3/18/07   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Great interview!!  (especially the part about the Phillies being in the World Series!)



3/18/07   |   twins15

Cool stuff!

3/18/07   |   Helen   |   2232 respect

Good interview guys!

3/18/07   |   Adam

Yanks and Phils Eh, sounds good to me