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Fan IQ giveaway! Win a sports book--Sports Cinema: 100 Movies!

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FanIQ is giving away 10 copies of Limelight Edition's new book Sports Cinema: 100 Movies by Randy Williams.

Be sure to check out the poll in the hangout for a chance to win a copy!

List your top ten favorite sports films from the 100 movies on Mr. Williams' list. Once you've entered the poll, you will become eligible to win a copy of this book. Ten Fan IQers will be selected at random once the poll closes on Christmas.  Good luck!

From All the Right Moves to Olympia, from Caddyshack to Rocky, Sports Cinema is an in-depth companion guide celebrating movies centered on sports-oriented stories, characters, events, or backdrops, complete with more than 200 black-and-white movie stills. Beginning with Million Dollar Legs (1932), Mr. Williams counts down his top 100 movie picks from more than seven decades, based upon hundreds of hours of film watching and his expertise as a lifelong sports fan and sports writer for national and international publications, including Sports Illustrated, the Hollywood Reporter, Olympic Review, Reuters, and the Washington Post.

Enhancing his chapter-by-chapter explorations of each film are sports-themed sections, including "The Players," which lists cast members; "The Game," which provides a synopsis of each movie; "Instant Replay," which includes movie commentary by Mr. Williams, as well as little-known trivia; and "All-Star Moments," which offer movie highlights. Casual moviegoers, sports fans, and film buffs wil get "the story behind the film" from those involved, including actors, directors, and various cast members in the "Post-Game Comments" section.

Praise for Sports Cinema by Randy Williams

 “There are some people who can write with authority on sports, and some who can write with authority on cinema...but NOBODY can write with more authority on both than Randy Williams.”
—Al Ruddy, producer The Longest Yard, The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby
“Randy Williams has taken his love of movies and passion for athletics and weaved them into an entertaining and contextual homage to sports on the big screen.”
—Howard Burns, The Hollywood Reporter

“For anyone, like myself, who has always possessed a passion for sport and cinema, Mr. Williams’ book is a must read. Entertaining and insightful, Sports Cinema reflects the author’s masterful grasp of what the very best of the genre contributes to our cultural consciousness.”
—David Anspaugh, director Rudy, Hoosiers

“If you love sports and the movies, you'll find Sports Cinema by Randy Williams is a home-run-knock-out-touch-down.”
— John Avildsen, director Rocky
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12/8/06   |   JewelOfSong   |   7 respect

Matt wrote:
You should link to the poll.

I would if I knew how to do that :(

12/8/06   |   Matt   |   6 respect

You should link to the poll.