Fan vs Fan MLB Playoff Preview: Why the Padres will beat the Cardinals in the NLDS

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The MLB Playoffs are upon us and who better to preview eacb series than the opposing commissioners of each team. With the first round of Fan vs Fan previews - Matt and Scott post the reason why their respective teams will be victorious. Matt takes the first shot ...



(Chris Young shows us how many wins the Padres will have in this series)


The Padres have the best pitching in the NL. Not a single team in the NL has a Starting Rotation or Bullpen that can stand up to San Diego's. With Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Woody Williams, and David Wells starting and Cla Meredith, Scott Linebrink, and Trevor Hoffman in the Bullpen, the Padres should easily whip past the Cardinals (as long as they stay away from Pujols).



The Padres have been streaky all year. However, for the first time in a while they have three 20+ Home Run hitters and six 10+ Home Run hitters. They've been healthy all year against the Cardinals and shouldn't have a problem scoring runs in every game including Game 1 against Chris Carpenter.

My Prediction

The Padres should take both home games and could possibly sweep, but I don't see Pujols letting that happen. The Padres haven't gone on a serious playoff run since 1998 and the team as well as the fans are hungry. Not to mention the Cardinals ended the Padres season last year. You could call this a case of revenge, you can call the Padres a better team. Either way the Padres will be advancing.

Padres 3 - Cardinals 1


(FanIQ) Fan vs Fan MLB Playoff Preview: Why the Cardinals will beat the Padres in the NLDS

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10/3/06   |   Seth   |   301 respect

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I usually like going with the better pitching team, and in this case its the Padres. After Carpenter, St. Louis is in trouble. Suppan had an ok year, but if Reyes, Weaver, or Marquis are pitching (all of the +5 ERA's), I like San Diego's chances.

That and pitch around Pujols.

10/2/06   |   kornerdesign

Cards in 4, 1 fluke home game for the pads, the cards will dominate their 3 wins with san diego not scoring over 8 runs TOTAL in the 3 losses