FanIQ 2007 NBA Mock Draft: #15 Detroit Pistons

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FanIQ NBA Mock Draft: #15 Detroit Pistons
Tiago Splitter
Thaddeus Young
Javaris Crittenton
Rodney Stuckey
Jason Smith
Sean Williams
Marc Gasol

Over the next three weeks leading up to the NBA Draft on June 28th, we'll be conducting our own mock draft with you the fans in charge of your respective teams. Up next is WhoDey making the 15th pick for the Detroit Pistons ...

Aaron Gray, Tiago Splitter, Sean Williams or Marc Gasol


Since the loss of Big Ben Wallace, the Pistons just haven't looked as good.  They still recorded some success because of the veterans on the team, but the loss of a great center never helps.  He was the guy that would "run" a defense and make up for others mistakes.  But finally, after heavy search, Detroit found Chris Webber, but because of age, isn't the greatest center in the world, so a new center is what the Pistons should be looking for to go with the veteran starting lineup.  And if they do draft a center, Nazr Mohammad and Chris Webber would be great mentors, so this is why I consider the ones I did ...


Aaron Gray: 7'1" DOMINANT big man

Tiago Splitter: 7' dominant big man that could bring more to the table than we know because he is foreign

Sean Williams: any center would be perfect

Marc Gasol: has the potential to be as great as his brother, Pau


The Pick: Tiago Splitter, PF/C, TAU Vitoria

Up Next: kantwistaye with the Wizards

Who would you select...?

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yeah this was really short, but i had to do it in a span of about 10 minutes because the first one messed up!!!