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T.O. And The BCS Need A Kick In The Butt [FanIQ Blog Week In Review]

12/12/08 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

With the college football season having ended its regular season this past week, naturally there was plenty of debate this week on the BCS and the Heisman race. One thing there is no debate about, T.O. is on the verge of destroying the Cowboys. So let's get to the best of the week.
All right everyone, we'll be with you this weekend, as always.
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12/13/08   |   markandsolita

12/13/08   |   stlbudlite14

C'mon guys, T.O. has feelings just like everyone else! *SIGHS* He worked hard for his fans but understood that when he was not getting enough catches, he has the right to get pissed! J.J. is paying him a lot to be an explosive, badass player! Give him a break!!!!!!!!!!!