FanIQ Blog Week In Review: Tennis is Getting Interesting

Pretty Soon, Being Hot Will Be a Prerequisite for Playing Tennis [FanIQ Blog Week In Review]

6/6/09 in Tennis   |   Jess   |   35116 respect

Sorry this is late this's the best of the blog from this past week! Enjoy!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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7/6/09   |   pookeemoon1


6/24/09   |   bayada_we_bas


6/20/09   |   fraternal_twins

yes,pretty  is  the most to everyone of us not only the face and sexy bodys.but you     may seek in, specially   inside and out of the souls /mind and hearts.

6/20/09   |   karthasuresh

i also like the tennis and the same time i like the glamour also. it is a treat to see the women tennis, while playing their shorts going up, and also the body shaps and giggles the parts , all are a treat to the public, even the camaramen will go to the down to get the close up of the playing stars and all in all watching the match is very good to us.

6/20/09   |   kirtishukla_1986

hi how r u ?

6/20/09   |   cuty1988

well really people do like the glamour thing in each & every thing these days but actually the game is game something different ...we should look for the game ..if u really want glamour go to modelling industy

6/20/09   |   bhaskardihingia

what?? u complaining? u gotta be kidding..hehe

6/20/09   |   subhashis031

me too

6/19/09   |   stephen_ingraham2003

all of you girls are smart

6/18/09   |   juderoberson

Yes, It helps when you are pretty

6/18/09   |   juderoberson

Adding comment...

6/18/09   |   juderoberson

tennis is just a great sport

6/18/09   |   glskiran

6/18/09   |   aftonia87


6/17/09   |   vicky9d

he is da sexiest tenis player ever..... again he wil win..........

6/17/09   |   ronaldoagnes


6/17/09   |   jonas_bestal2000

ummmmm....let's get on..

6/17/09   |   lanastar_love

its non sense

6/17/09   |   chowdary_simham007

no comment

6/17/09   |   deepmrt28821


6/17/09   |   sriprabhu2009


6/17/09   |   aftonia87

girls will be girls. dam j

6/17/09   |   SANJEEVBOND

are they Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Girls

6/13/09   |   odea57

how do women compete with the williams sisters

they appear vastly stronger  (how do they pass the PED tests)  Put a picture of Serena's right arm in a photo array with 6 NBA arms and you could not pick her out except for the tats

6/13/09   |   rajvish_007

ya she s gr8!!!!!!!

6/13/09   |   roseline_stone2009

yes she good

6/13/09   |   syedjoin

she is all most gone......................

6/13/09   |   syedjoin

Tennis is a great sport and I watch it all the time......................

6/13/09   |   chamdor08

I hope not!  I would still like to see pure talent than beauty.  Tennis is a sport first and foremost.  It should not be based on looks alone.

6/13/09   |   sinhakvikas

Exactly no one can deny this fact, but we should not forget the others who r not  

6/13/09   |   Dhods292000

You will always be number 1.

6/12/09   |   alexisbaray

yeah she is the best

6/12/09   |   georj_julian15

is that MARIA SHARAPOVA? if yes she very pretty

6/12/09   |   odea57

seeing how 0% of major league pitchers and hitters grunt, 0% of collegel softball pitches and hitters grunt, the male tennis players don't grunt like the females do, the female grunting is fake, fake, fake, fake

6/11/09   |   samabhi4all

The standard of Tennis will come down...

6/11/09   |   angie_rulz528

That would be nice - in dream land

6/11/09   |   dinbai   |   263 respect

can we form cheerleaders team for tennis instead?

tennis players are hot.. mm.. i love jelena jankovic thiiiiiiiiiiiis much

6/10/09   |   shaunaknadal

no no no never

6/10/09   |   yuva077

off course

6/10/09   |   the_kid_

nope...justin henna...remember the name...she wasn't in the catagory of the sharapovas but she was the best!!!

6/7/09   |   summerhorseskate   |   4 respect

oh come on  guys! You  all know that  tight butts and nice boods is what you watch tennis for Men are faster more exsiteing so tell the truth you want cheelders tp play tennis

6/7/09   |   azad76

it really helps when you are pretty & playing greta tennis to attract fans!.

6/7/09   |   ixnay

it really helps when you are pretty & playing greta tennis to attract fans!..

6/7/09   |   am_haghverdi

Tennis is a great sport and I watch it all the time

6/7/09   |   wrightprince18

Tennis is a great sport and I watch it all the time when it's on the players are all wounderful and great

6/7/09   |   meyette   |   87 respect

 you are right! with the trend thats going on now, it wont be surprising when all budding tennis players have to be pretty before they can enter the tennis world!