FanIQ Caption Contest: Paul Pierce And Rasheed Wallace Dress Up

Seriously, Paul... Was This Necessary? [FanIQ Caption Contest]

1/27/10 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

You know what to do, folks. Put on your thinking caps, and come up with the best caption for this ridiculous picture of Celtics players Rasheed Wallace and Paul Pierce putting on a show for the kids. Enjoy.

Photo via Skeets
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1/28/10   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

 so THATS why pierce got stabbed.... (what, too soon?)

1/28/10   |   WV_Mountaineer   |   118 respect

Don't ask don't tell.

1/27/10   |   CalBoomer   |   43 respect

"Can you believe that Oden is longer than both of us--combined?"

1/27/10   |   nk1956   |   475 respect

(Edited by Pat)

1/27/10   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

Paul Pierce: "Hey Sheed...I thought we were supposed to wear costumes for the kids today?"


1/27/10   |   Joe_L   |   12372 respect

Where we were, where we've been, and now this. Paul what's next?

1/27/10   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Pierce "Hey Sheed are you going to just take that? I mean you just got T'ed up by Mother Goose." 

Wallace: "The "bleep" I will.  .  ."

1/27/10   |   RunningDawg   |   248 respect

The kid in front with the derby on...."Man the new Celtic uniforms suck"

1/27/10   |   RunningDawg   |   248 respect

Tweedle dumb and dumber!

1/27/10   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Pierce:  "I'm faking a serious knee injury in the second act to get out of here.  Hopefully they have a wheel chair."

1/27/10   |   rayray3466   |   1255 respect

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Doh!!