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Golden Tate's turn to rock the field [FanIQ Caption This]

9/18/12 in NFL   |   Jess   |   32842 respect

Remember when Marshawn Lynch caused a seismic blip? This Sunday, Golden Tate gave it a whirl. It may not have registered on a seismograph, but Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee (and maybe a few guys on the sidelines) sure felt it.

While there are a few memes out of this photo already, I figured that the witty users on FanIQ could do much better. This weekend Golden Tate, blocking for Wilson, put nasty hit on Lee. Jerry Jones is crying foul, and apparently Lee is claiming it's just part of the game. Regardless, we're left with one of the most physical hits of the weekend, and this great closeup:

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9/19/12   |   Dream_Machine   |   12885 respect

Boom! Don't Say You Never Seen The Golden Tate Bridge Before!

9/19/12   |   Dream_Machine   |   12885 respect

Which Was Worse?

9/19/12   |   ms_hippie_queen   |   28960 respect

cowboyed up

9/18/12   |   Nick__   |   28834 respect

Damn!  He's drunk again!   frown 

JSWOL, I told you, no drinking on the job!  Go back to your bench! He's not running with a bottle of Bourbon! It's a football!