FanIQ Live Divisional Playoff Sunday Game Thread

FanIQ GameDay Live: Divisional Playoff Sunday

1/12/14 in NFL   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Blog Photo - FanIQ Live Divisional Playoff Sunday Game ThreadHappy Sunday everyone. We already know the Seahawks and Patriots will play for a Super Bowl berth. Which two teams will join them? We're back with FanIQ GameDay Live to find out. Once again, we have representatives of the teams involved in this weekend's games. They are:

- Saints: Marcus (marcus_nyce)
- Seahawks: Jess
- Colts: Mike G (coyotedances)
- Patriots: Mike (ironhead_mike)
- 49ers: Michael G (Michael_G)
- Chargers: Oddfool
- Broncos: Jonathan (The_Real_Stoney)

Once again, I am unofficially representing the Panthers. Growl and such.

With that, let's get right to it.

NFC Divisional Playoff
San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers
Time - 1:05 pm
Broadcast - FOX

Mike G: Duel of the young guns. The last time these two teams met the final score was 10-9 Panthers. Two great defenses and I expect another low scoring close game. Crabtree is healthy this time and I think he will have his 15 minutes of glory. 49ers 13 Panthers 10

Jess: Kaepernick is a little more seasoned in the playoffs though, and knows what it takes to win those games. But once again, I think this will land more on the defense of both teams. This one can go either way – I’m having a difficult time deciding who to lay my QBucks on. I’m gonna say Niners.

Oddfool: This game will be fun to watch as these teams with strong defense go head to head. The Panthers have beaten the 49ers earlier this year, but it was too close for comfort. And the 49ers were down a few strong players, due to injuries. But they are back, healthy for this game. I'm going with the 49ers 21-19.

Mike: Should be a great game. The 9ers look right finally. Maybe it’s the return of Crabtree. Who knows how well Steve Smith will play and without him I think the road may be too difficult against San Francisco who’s playing well at the right time. 49ers 17-13 

Stoney: Who would have thought through the first quarter of the season that the Panthers would be coming off an opening playoff week bye? How about the fact they’re hosting the 12-4 wild card 49ers who they actually beat earlier in the year on the road? This one is set up to be the best defensive battle of the playoff matchups. Carolina’s defense was great in their 10-9 win in San Francisco and they’re going to need to duplicate that performance. This one will come down to who makes the least mistakes as I don’t see a lot of points being scored. The biggest X factor is going to be Cam Newton’s handling of playoff pressure. He’s come up huge this year late in games, but this is a different animal. Much like last week, I see Colin Kaepernick having a bigger impact with his legs than his arm against a pesky Carolina D. This one is going to be a dandy.

San Francisco 17 – Carolina 13

Michael G: 49ERS 23 Panthers 13 The 49er "D"efense dominates once again with 5 sacks and 3 turnovers to keep Cam Newton and a tough Carolina team in check

Marcus: All the defense! These teams can flat out get after it on that side of the ball. I think this comes down to one big play. Steve Smith being iffy hurts the Panthers since he’s their big play guy. Cam will make enough plays to keep them in it though. San Francisco’s been playing a little better each week on offense since they’ve been at full strength. My guess is that Kaepernick and/or Crabtree make that one big play. This is the weekend’s overtime thriller.

49ers 19 - Panthers 13

Eric: I'm hoping that against a real defense that Kaepernick can't run wild. Everyone else picked San Francisco, so screw it, Panthers it is! Growl and such.

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1/12/14   |   Scott   |   54663 respect

49ers big players made big plays when it mattered most.  Panthers players didn't.  49ers versus Hawks in a bloodbath next week for the NFC title

1/12/14   |   Michael_G   |   38432 respect

OK...So I was off by 3 points.....See you in Seattle....NINERS BABY!!!!!

1/12/14   |   Scott   |   54663 respect

49ers got under the skin of the Panthers and Carolina fell right into the trap.  Fitting that another personal foul penalty is going to put the final dagger in the Panthers season

1/12/14   |   Scott   |   54663 respect

Panthers goal line offense is going to give Ron Rivera nightmares this off season

1/12/14   |   Michael_G   |   38432 respect


1/12/14   |   Scott   |   54663 respect

This hasn't been a good game for the refs

1/12/14   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

That was disappointing Riverboat Ron.

1/12/14   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Wow that was a great throw and catch. That whole sequence showed why you go for it on 4th and goal, even if you don't get it.

1/12/14   |   Scott   |   54663 respect

Panther defense doing everything in their power to give the 49ers free points.  Ron Rivera better calm that group down a bit

1/12/14   |   Scott   |   54663 respect

Terrible pass of the back foot by Cam Newton results in an interception for the 49ers.  Newton can't afford to make those kinds of mistakes against such a good defense

1/12/14   |   Scott   |   54663 respect

49ers hit pay dirt first thanks to a questionable penalty on the Panthers D.

So far, this game looks like it's going to be an absolute war

1/12/14   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

This seems as good a time as any to point out that the players are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. I don't think people realize that's a significant factor in there being more injuries.

1/12/14   |   JenX63   |   33178 respect

Once again, I am hoping for some exciting games. Go Teams!