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FanIQ NBA Mock Draft: #24 Phoenix Suns

6/26/07 in NBA   |   Jon   |   5 respect

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Fan IQ 2007 NBA Mock Draft: #24 Phoenix Suns
Javaris Crittenton
Marucs Williams
Rudy Fernandez
Daequan Cook
Marco Belineli
Arron Afflalo
Over the final days leading up to the NBA Draft on June 28th, we'll be finishing our own mock draft with you the fans in charge of your respective teams. Next is Jon making the pick for the Suns ...

19. Lakers chose Sean Williams
20. Heat chose Alando Tucker
21. 76ers chose Wilson Chandler

22. Bobcats chose Derrick Byars

23. Knicks chose Rodney Stuckey


Considering: Javaris Crittenton, Rudy Fernandez, Marcus Williams, Daequan Cook, Marco Belinelli, and Arron Afflallo


No horrible '70s songs with this pick, I promise.


While the buzz over the past couple of days has had the Suns trading up into the top 10 of the draft, nothing has happened as of yet. With my luck, they'll announce a trade about 10 minutes after I post this, but for the sake of this draft, we'll assume no trade is made.

The Suns have the luxury of picking at the 29th pick as well, which means if they have a few players they have their eye on, they can easily get two of them.

Looking at the players who are left, I see it being between Javaris Crittenton and Marco Belinelli. Crittenton would be expected to become the heir to Steve Nash, but should Crittenton not still be on the board at #29, there are plenty of other point guard choices out there.

Belinelli could not possibly find himself in a better situation than if he came to the Phoenix Suns. Who better to show him around Phoenix and get him some good Italian food than Italian legend Mike D'Antoni and Jerry Colangelo? Coming to the United States takes adjustment for any player, but with those two around, he should feel right at home. With the Suns' United Nations roster, another international player would be a great addition.

While the Suns will still look for a point guard with their next pick (or possibly a center, if a good choice is available), Belinelli can handle the ball well and play both guard positions.


The pick: Marco Belinelli, G, Italy


Up next is the charming and awesome GM Jon with the Jazz

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