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FanIQ NBA Mock Draft: #25 Utah Jazz

6/27/07 in NBA   |   Jon   |   5 respect

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Fan IQ 2007 NBA Mock Draft: #25 Utah Jazz
Javaris Crittenton
Marcus Williams
Rudy Fernandez
Daequan Cook
Aaron Brooks
Arron Afflalo
Morris Almond
Over the final days leading up to the NBA Draft on June 28th, we'll be finishing our own mock draft with you the fans in charge of your respective teams. Next is Jon making the pick for the Jazz ...

20. Heat chose Alando Tucker
21. 76ers chose Wilson Chandler

22. Bobcats chose Derrick Byars

23. Knicks chose Rodney Stuckey

24. Suns chose Marco Belinelli


Considering: Javaris Crittenton, Rudy Fernandez, Marcus Williams, Daequan Cook, and Arron Afflalo

Just like JaMarcus Russell in our mock NFL draft, Javaris Crittenton is mock crying in our mock draft mock green room right now. He's not going to get picked here either.

As with the Suns, other needs trump the backup PG position for the Utah Jazz. With this pick, they opt for a shooting guard. Arron Afflalo would be a good fit for Utah. He's a coachable guy with a good basketball IQ, good off-the-ball, good shooter... Jerry Sloan & the Utah fans should love him, no matter what John Hollinger's rankings might say.


The pick: Arron Afflalo, SG, UCLA

And with that, I'm done with my picks for the night (good thing, too, I'm almost out of beer).


Up next is GM Ty with his Houston Rockets

Who would you take for the Utah Jazz?
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