FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 11

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Blog Photo - FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 11Good morning everyone. It is almost time for Week 11 of the NFL season, and this morning we give you the newest edition of the FanIQ NFL Pregame Show. Here's all the stuff you might have missed this week on the Q, enough to give you ready for the games later today.
  • The Matt Flynn saga has moved back to Green Bay, as the Packers remain desperate for a warm body to put under center. Given that he's washed out in three organizations in six months, this Packers fan isn't that excited.
  • Speaking of reunions, Ed Reed is back with Rex Ryan after signing with the Jets this week. Of course, given how toast Reed looked in Houston, I'm not sure the reunion will be a happy one.
  • Continuing with the Jets, they're on a playoff push, and in fact are the 6th AFC seed right now. Not bad after most considered 3 wins to be their ceiling.
  • Apparently this is the New York version of the Pregame Show, as we turn to the Giants. Jason Pierre-Paul is out for today's game. Scott Tolzien breathes a sigh of relief.
  • Another injured player though is set to finally make this debut: Percy Harvin of the Seahawks. Yes, it's against his former team, the Vikings, but at this point I doubt anyone much cares.
  • Terrell Pryor is injured (possibly causing his recent horribleness), and thus Matt McGloin is getting the start for Oakland. Houston, this may be your best chance for a win for a while.
  • Presented without comment: this link on Trent Richardson.
  • Dez Bryant is much maligned for various reasons, but this is pretty cool.
  • Finally, we end as always with the F-U Power Rankings.
There's even more where that came from. Just check our NFL page for more. Then don't forget to take all that knowledge to the GameCenter and make your picks for Week 11.
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