FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 14

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Blog Photo - FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 14Good morning everyone. It is almost time for Week 14 of the NFL season, and this morning we give you the newest edition of the FanIQ NFL Pregame Show. Here's all the stuff you might have missed this week on the Q, enough to give you ready for the games later today.
  • Mike Tomlin has been fined $100,000 for his sideline shuffle on Thanksgiving. However, there's still talk about taking away a Steelers draft pick. To me, that seems excessive, and this is coming from someone who really dislikes the Steelers.
  • The other big news of the week: Gary Kubiak has been fired as coach of the Texans. After the 11 game losing streak, this was likely inevitable, but what good does is to fire him now instead of just waiting under after the season?
  • It's looking more and more likely that Aaron Rodgers will be shut down for the season. This Packers fan has no problem with that.
  • Somebody named Alex Tanney may be starting at quarterback for the Browns this week. If Tanney doesn't get the nod, it might be Caleb Hanie. Good to see the Browns finally realized they need to tank the rest of the season.
  • Our man JoeKukura concludes the Seahawks record for crowd noise is a hoax. From what I've seen of Seahawks fans, Joe might want to be on the lookout for bags of dog poop at his doorstep.
  • ZacWassink writes that Eli Manning made the right choice going with the Giants over the Chargers in aftermath of the 2004 NFL Draft. Personally, that seems obvious now, and I didn't realize any Chargers fans will still mad about that.
  • Patrickhoffman3530 has been covering the Jets situation. He says Geno Smith has much to learn, which is very much an understatement. He also calls for Rex Ryan's firing. For a bit this season, it looked like Ryan might be coaching his way to another year, but that's looking much less likely now.
  • BlakeLovell has this week's Game Rankings. It's actually shaping up to be a pretty good Sunday on paper.
  • And, as always, we conclude with the F-U Power Rankings.
There's even more where that came from. Just check our NFL page for more. Then don't forget to take all that knowledge to the GameCenter and make your picks for Week 14.
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