FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 6

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Blog Photo - FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 6Good morning everyone. It is almost time for Week 6 of the NFL season, and this morning we give you the newest edition of the FanIQ NFL Pregame Show. Here's all the stuff you might have missed this week on the Q, enough to give you ready for the games later today.
  • Obviously everything else is secondary compared to the tragic death of Adrian Peterson's two year old son.
  • The Falcons are on bye this week, but it already feels like they lost if Julio Jones is truly out for the season.
  • Have the Jets played well enough to get Rex Ryan off the hot seat? Alex_Kopilow takes a look.
  • Not that the Pro Bowl means diddly, but these uniforms are...yeah.
  • The Washington name controversy continues. Dan Snyder is still a jackass.
  • The dumpster fire that is the Buccaneers continues, as their MRSA infection is back.
  • Not surprisingly, trying to predict the NFL is a fools errand as it always is. Wards_Page looks at what's currently happening that no one saw coming.
  • Turning to today's games, where Denver-Jacksonville opened with the largest line in history.
  • BlakeLovell ranked this week's best games. For some reason, he has Denver-Jacksonville on the list, but hey, people like train wrecks.
  • 5 weeks in, our fantasy guru Andrew_Ericksen looks at guys who it might be time to pull the plug.
  • The Giants remain a disaster, now 0-6 after Thursday's loss. Patrickhoffman3530 argues Tom Coughlin should retire at season's end. Making things worse for the Giants, David Wilson may have spinal stenosis.
  • We have an exclusive interview with Jets LB Demario Davis.
  • Finally, it hasn't been a great week in NFL news, but we end as always with a laugh and the F-U Power Rankings.
There's even more where that came from. Just check our NFL page for more. Then don't forget to take all that knowledge to the GameCenter and make your picks for Week 6.
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Go Washington Redskins!

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Good Morning FanIq.... Already 83 in sunny south Dolphins game this week......A couple hours of commercial free NFL Red Zone this afternoon....NFL is always great to watch... Have a good day all.....