FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 9

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Blog Photo - FanIQ NFL Pregame Show: Week 9Good morning everyone. It is almost time for Week 8 of the NFL season, and this morning, after a two week hiatus, we give you the newest edition of the FanIQ NFL Pregame Show. Here's all the stuff you might have missed this week on the Q, enough to give you ready for the games later today.
  • The big off-field news of the week is Justin Blackmon being suspended indefinitely for substance abuse. Blackmon has plenty of talent, and it sometimes shows even in Jacksonville, so hopefully he can turn his life around from this.
  • Yesterday, Broncos coach John Fox was hospitalized, but luckily it doesn't appear to be a heart attack, as was first reported.
  • Best wishes to Jonathan Martin of the Dolphins with whatever is bothering him. Football is secondary right now.
  • Golden Tate is a douchebag, but possibly calling back touchdowns because of taunting is the kind of paternalistic nonsense we've come to expect from this league.
  • Aldon Smith has returned to the 49ers after rehab after his DUI. Unfortunately, another top defender, Bengals DT Geno Atkins, is out for the year after tearing his ACL on Thursday.
  • Trent Richardson has been a disappointment since the Colts traded for him. The team is hoping to get Richardson in space more often.
  • Mia781 wonders if the Jets can stop Jimmy Graham today. I'm betting on no.
  • The third season is a big one for quarterbacks. Alex_Kopilow took a look at the 3rd year starters in the league, using Halloween as a conceit. Not surprisingly, he likes Cam Newton and Andy Dalton this year.
  • Injuries appear to be up, which some are blaming on the new rules. Keep in mind players have never been bigger and faster, and that the NFL doesn't actually care. The brutality of the sports is a huge selling point.
  • Vikings coach Leslie Frazier has been giving the dreaded vote of confidence. You know what that means.
  • BlakeLovell has his weekly look at the best games of the week. It's not pretty, which isn't it Blake's fault of course.
  • Josh Gordon's camouflage Porsche makes me laugh every time I see it.
  • Finally, we end with the F-U Power Rankings as always.

There's even more where that came from. Just check our NFL page for more. Then don't forget to take all that knowledge to the GameCenter and make your picks for Week 9.
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