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FanIQ Now Has Open Quick Fantasy Games, So You Can Take More Than Just Your Friend's Money

11/13/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Hey everyone. As you've probably noticed, we've made some upgrades to the Quick Fantasy here on FanIQ. One of the coolest additions is the open game. So what's the open game?

Well, let's say you're like me, and you've consistently humiliated your closest friends, and they need a week off from getting their QBucks taken by you. What are you going to do? You're going to create an open game, my fantasy friends.

An open game allows you to create a game for the QBuck amount of your choice, then it let's anyone on FanIQ accept it. So now you can take QBucks from anyone on the Q. Or you might finally find someone who'll kick your butt.

Here's how you create an open game. Click on start a challenge. Then, once you're at the main Fantasy page screen head over to the far right module. There it'll say this.

Click on view list of open games. Once you do that, this screen will appear.

You can either accept an open game, or create your own. Just set the QBucks amount and create your own challenge. And then within a few weeks, maybe you'll actually be good enough to finally challenge me.
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11/17/09   |   blondie45044   |   5873 respect

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4294967295 respects? Hell I can not afford you. Thanks for the information though Rich and respected writer  I would give you a respect but this is all I have

Thanks for sharing! 

P.S. You have already given out 10 Respect (your daily limit). Story of my life, not a good one but a true one.

11/13/09   |   GunsOfHochuli   |   2 respect

Dubya wrote:

GunsofHochuli. Hillarious!

Thanks! I only have a few QBucks left, but I will play anyone who wants to. $100 games only from now on, please. I want to get in as many as I can.

11/13/09   |   Dubya   |   39 respect

GunsofHochuli. Hillarious!

11/13/09   |   SportzStar   |   102 respect

Awesome. Now there's a quicker method of taking people's Bucks.

11/13/09   |   jswol54   |   20819 respect

Who wants a shot at the title? 

11/13/09   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

It's on like Donkey Kong. My dominance will continue. Or something.

11/13/09   |   zballa07   |   44 respect

i got you this week