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FanIQ Spotlight Fan of the Week: icfeet

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Bringing forth FanIQ's greatest asset every week - you! This week's fan in the Spotlight is Kurt, or as you may know him, icfeet. Kurt is coming up on four years as a loyal Q'er! His user name might not mean what you think it does...let's find out about that and more...

Name: Kurt
Birthday: July 28
Hobbies: Gardening (vegetables-if I can't eat it, I don't plant it).  I maintain the yard and the pool. I'll plant shrubs for my wife when asked, but only if she's there to tell me where she wants it.  I also like to ride my bicycle, but it's 20 years old and I don't do it NEARLY enough.
Work: Podiatrist
Favorite Movie: Airplane! Slap Shot, Revenge of the Nerds, Groundhog Day, Catch Me if You Can, Bachelor Party, Police Academy, Breakfast Club...
Favorite Non-Sports related TV Show: Cartoon Network at 6 am when they have on the Classic Bugs Bunny Cartoons.  I like Law&Order, most shows on ID, the Dog Whisperer.
Favorite Quote: One of my favorite "quotes" is "Wherever You Go, There You Are"...but more seriously, from the Bible "If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day...if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime".
A little more about yourself...
I was born in Glen Ridge, NJ and moved to Brick NJ when I was a year old.  I have lived my entire life in NJ, except for when I was an undergrad and lived in PA.  Even when going to med school in Philly I lived in New Jersey.  I live about 3 miles from the ocean and love the smell of the salt air when the wind blows just right.

As most of us know, your user name is a play on your profession. Do you have any funny stories about a day at work or “fun” patient to share? 
I am a podiatrist, but before people put that together, they think I have cold feet.  I began on AOL as "footdrkurt" in 1994, then discovered mIRC and that's when I started using icfeet. A funny story about work...when I was in college, I worked as an orderly in the local hospital for the summer and an elderly male patient walked out of his room without a stitch of clothing on and a dollar bill rolled up in his ear.  When I asked him "Why do you have a dollar bill rolled up in your ear?" he replied, "Where ELSE would you like me to put it?".  I enjoy my work and try to make it lighthearted and fun, putting smiles on my (mostly) older patient's faces.  I'm an optimist who sees the glass as half full.
Tell us about your wife and kids…
I've got one wife (23.5 years) and 2 kids (21 and 19).  Wife, Billie Ann, is a real estate agent....son Rudy is a budding musician who works in my office and teaches guitar and is going to be returning to college in the Spring or Fall of next year.  Daughter Michelle is a student at Monmouth University in NJ and works at Walgreens as an "STL" (assistant to the assistant manager).  We have two chihuahuas (Nacho and Cosmo) and are awaiting placement of a puppy to raise until it's 12-18 months for the Seeing Eye, an organization that trains service dogs.
What’s your best sports memory, playing? 
I have a LOT of sports memories from my time playing....since my memory is "almost" photographic, I'll have to pick a few...In little league, I broke up a pitcher's no hitter in the last inning, with 2 outs.  We were losing 1-0 and I had struck out looking on a BAD call in the first inning-my only strikeout that year.  In football, playing at Giants Stadium in 1979 for the championship game...we lost hockey, I got a late start (8th grade) so when I was in 10th grade, I played goal on the JV team...the coach started the "pedigree" kid over me...his goals against average was over 4 in the three games he started...then he got pulled up to varsity to ride the bench...I finnished out the season with a GAA under 2...but the most exciting game was the last one, playing against a club team who had a lot more cohesiveness than ours did....we beat em 4-3, and the BEST compliment I had was a player from the other team telling my friend "He was GOOD".  ahhh...memories...
What’s your most memorable sports experience as a spectator?
I've been to Stanley Cup Finals (Game 3 May 17, 1979) when the Rangers lost to the Canadiens, several Rams-Eagles games (Rams are 1-3 in those), 2 Rams Giants (Rams 0-2), Rams Jets (Rams 1-0)...but baseball games are where "luck" copmes in...First baseball game...July 20, 1971-Blyleven's rookie year (or 2nd year)...Yankees losing 5-1 entering bottom of 9th....score 5 runs to win game 6-5....August 22, 1976...Angels-Yankees on bat day....Yankees losing 8-0 entering bottom of the 9th....Yankees score 8 runs to send game into extra innings...lose in 11, 11-8...1977, Yankees-Red Sox...Roy White homers bottom of 9th to send game into extra innings....Yanks win in 11...August 6, 1979, day of Thurman Munson's funeral...they thought the game would be cancelled...Yankees play and Bobby Murcer, with Yankees trailing 4-0 in bottom of 7th, hits 3 run homer, then in the 9th wins the game with a two run single...September 1999, Alfonso Soriano gets his first hit, a walk off homer for a Yankees win against Tampa Bay...strange things seem to happen when I'm at Yankee Stadium.
What drew you to playing net?
I was drawn to playing goal when my brother and I would play "sock hockey" in our finished basement.  we'd use a balled up sock and our feet, taking turns trying to score on each other.  It was a challenge, and looking back on the sports I most enjoyed, it was hockey, especially stuffing someone on a breakaway.
If you were given the opportunity to play for any team other than the Rangers, who would you pick?
If I had to play for any other team than the Rangers, I guess it would be the Kings or Devils...actually, ANY team.  
I have a huge man-crush on Lundqvist – wanna trade? Any Ducks player you want…
In all seriousness…how do you feel your Rangers will fair this season? What changes should be made – and what’s important to keep as-is - to give them a better chance at playoff success this year?
The Rangers have no defensive problems. Lundqvist is tops, and the blueliners are adequate.  Staal being out hurts the Rangers...hope he comes back soon.  The problem with the Rangers is the fact that they don't shoot the puck enough.  Many of my shout outs in the sports bars have to do with "shoot The Puck!!".  Second game this year against the Ducks...15 shots....TOTAL....including overtime.  There are so many teams that will throw the puck at the net at odd angles and get fluke goals...but not the Rangers.  They'll go whole power plays and shoot once or twice....or maybe none at all...I think they have a shot at the Cup, but they need to shoot the puck!
You share my unpopular opinion about Chris Berman – what is it about him that you like?
When I first heard Chris Berman do a Sportscenter, he called Frank Tanana "Frank Tanana Daquiri"...I thought it was STUPID.  The "back back back" from baseball highlights used to drive me crazy, too...but I really started to like him with the Prime Time Highlights in the NFL.  I still really think it sucks that ESPN can't do the one hour highlight show due to NBC's "football night in America".  Those guys don't do half the job that Berman and Jackson "The Blitz" is "Prime Time's" Younger ugly sibling...but I still try to watch it.
Probably my favorite Super Bowl was Rams v. Titans in XXXIV. As a Rams fan, you have to remember that day very well, and what went through your mind at the end of that game…take us through your thoughts those last few minutes…
I saw the Super Bowl XXXIV from my den in my previous home...Rams up 16-0, then they allowed the Titans to get back into it.  When they went up 23-16, I couldn't believe it actually was going to happen.  All the NFC West titles (1973 - 1979), and the Rams would either lose to Dallas or Minnesota in the playoffs...making the Super Bowl after the1979 season when they beat Dallas in the first playoff round. Then, I see Mike Jones stop Dyson on the one-yard line...couldn't explain the joy I had...then, the CHEATIOTS beat them 2 years later...I still think there are 2 seconds on that clock when the ball goes over the crossbar on Vinitieri's FG.
Besides the Locker Room, where do you most like to spend your time on FanIQ?
I joined the Q on 12/31/07....did trivia, trying to get my level up...then found the quizzes and started doing them.  I took a "hiatus" of about a year, due to a "stalker" who was pming me...just had to get away.  I came back in March of '09 and did tons of quizzes and my goal is to take ALL the quizzes.  Several times, I've emptied the NFL trivia library.  I then found the Locker Room, and spend a lot of time there.  My favorite part of the Q besides the LR is the quizzes and the trivia.  I go in spurts, where I'll do trivia obsessively, then quizzes, etc.  
What’s your favorite poll (or poll series) that you created?
My favorite poll/series is the Music Polls I do.  I like the "Summer Samba" things, as well as F/E.  Some political polls are fun.  Sometimes, I like to tweak a good way, though.
Ever make a bold sports prediction here that came back to bite you?
I don't think my "bad" sports prediction has come true...
Let’s try to make up for it…you have it easier than a few previous Spotlight fans in that there are fewer teams to choose from: who’s taking the World Series, and in how many games?
As far as the World Series, I would have LOVED to see the Yankees in there....but with the remaining teams, I think the Cardinals (sorry Glenda) will take it in 6.

Thanks for taking the time and letting us get a little glimpse into your life, Doc! I'm excited to see what your Rangers do this year...I'll be watching!

If there's anybody you'd like to see in a future Spotlight, please send me a message!
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10/22/11   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I could be a real jag-off (Kurt will get it), but I'm not mean.  Only kidding, good luck to the Rangers, I can't say anything bad about Lundqvist no matter how I try.  Great read as always, but LET'S GO PENS!

10/19/11   |   VIOLET   |   11320 respect

Kurt is such a nice guy, so sweet and funny. Thanks Kurt  for sharing and thanks to Jess for make it possible.

10/19/11   |   Beaneaters   |   17801 respect

 Another great job by Jess, real good stuff from and about a real cool guy. 

Good to know more. Go Rangers, and of course,  the Kings.

10/19/11   |   kobe_lova   |   61958 respect

icfeet wrote:
That includes you, PQ! 

10/19/11   |   icfeet   |   21969 respect

kobe_lova wrote:
What about mine?

That includes you, PQ! 

10/19/11   |   kobe_lova   |   61958 respect

icfeet wrote:
Thanks for all the nice comments from everybody!

What about mine?

10/19/11   |   icfeet   |   21969 respect

Thanks for all the nice comments from everybody!

10/18/11   |   alainpeartree   |   6872 respect

kudo's and excellent job as always- I see ya representing  jerzee!!!

10/18/11   |   Dream_Machine   |   13290 respect

Lovely, Interesting. Great Job Guys.

10/18/11   |   ms_hippie_queen   |   30237 respect

yay kurtbag!

10/18/11   |   Cali_Kat   |   15589 respect

Good interview!

10/18/11   |   marcus_nyce   |   27339 respect

Doc is money. great job.

10/18/11   |   Jess   |   34876 respect

rbnred wrote:
Hey  Kurt,  sorry  to  disappoint,  but  Lundqvist  supposedly  got  married  this  summer.  You  didn't  hear  the sighs?   Good  read,  Keep  doing  those  music  polls,  they're  fun!!  

Oh that was me who said I have a huge man-crush on Lundqvist. Kurt doesn't have a crush on him (I don't think). And that's cool - my crush on him is the equivalent of a man-crush (the kind guys get on athletes they think are awesome), so I don't care if he got married - congrats to him!

10/18/11   |   rbnred   |   2298 respect

Hey  Kurt,  sorry  to  disappoint,  but  Lundqvist  supposedly  got  married  this  summer.  You  didn't  hear  the sighs?   Good  read,  Keep  doing  those  music  polls,  they're  fun!!  

10/18/11   |   mojo   |   4372 respect

Good job guys, its always nice to get to know more about everyone.

10/18/11   |   JenX63   |   32786 respect

About those music quizzes? Hmmmmm! Fantastic read.......:)

10/18/11   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

I bet you know how many yards Doug Flutie threw for

10/18/11   |   ankurnathmishra   |   3945 respect

The foot Doctor is nice.
It feels good to know more about the people around .

10/17/11   |   kteacher   |   34390 respect

Excellent job you two! Doc is good people.  
Go Rams! They have someone who may be able to make a catch now.........whoo hoo! Go Rangers! (now that the Kings have played them) Go Doc!

10/17/11   |   woody050681   |   13689 respect

 Sorry I made you leave for a year because I was stalking you. But I just  you so much friiiiiiiind!

10/17/11   |   kobe_lova   |   61958 respect


10/17/11   |   janet011685   |   25875 respect

Good job Jess and Doc.  
Represent Jersey!