FanIQ Spotlight Fan of the Week 10/23/09

FanIQ Spotlight Fan of the Week - Employee Edition: Pat

10/24/09 in FanIQ   |   sports_schmorts   |   3301 respect

Some people get tattoos, shave their head with a logo of their team, deck their car out in team gear.  Have you do anything fanatical like this?
I would never get a sports-related tattoo. And now that I have a decently nice vehicle, I'm not going to be defacing it too badly any time soon. I display my fanaticism on the internet. At games, I actually find myself concentrating on the plays, and I tend to have the stoicism of a coach. Sometimes, like everyone, I go nuts, but generally I'm the calm one out of my group when I go to games.

Do you have any of your own sports superstitions/rituals for when your favorite teams play? If so, what are they?
No, I'm not really a superstitious guy like that.

Recently you went to the season opener for the Patriots, how was it?  How do you think they will do this year?
It. Was. Awesome. It was my first trip to Gillette Stadium, and it was a great one. The Patriots looked pretty bad for a while, but they were dominant in the last 5 minutes or so, and got the win. I'm still a little nervous about them, and I'm still hoping that Tom Brady will really transform back into his old self. If that happens, I think they could definitely make some noise. If Jerod Mayo comes back strong late in the season, they could even win the Super Bowl again.

How did you find FanIQ?
Someone posted a link on Myspace, and I checked it out. I've been hooked ever since.

What is your position at FanIQ and how long have you been there?
I have been a FanIQ editor since November 1 of last year.

What’s your favorite poll that you, yourself, created?
I like the one I made about the mullet guy.

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11/15/09   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

How did I miss this? We need to find a better system to get these out. Good job Nellie! Thanks for all you do for the Q Pat! Great interview!

10/24/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

I guess we both like Ryan and the Q... so we've got two things in common! Pat's a good guy, very helpful.

10/24/09   |   dumpsterdave6   |   1 respect

I like Pat because I agree with him 50% of the time and the other 50% of the time he is insane.

10/24/09   |   MarkTheShark   |   590 respect

Well, Pat and I have gone through a series of emotions: hate, disgust, incredulity, then mutual

Pat, Thanks for all you do on this site and helping me with my contributions. Thank you also for your service to this country.

10/24/09   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Ben Roethlisberger hates this post more than anyone can possibly imagine.

10/24/09   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

 Pat is a "True" sports fan. He has a lot of knowledge about sports and can debate with anybody all day and all night. When I first came across Pat in a blog, we were debating about some random sports topic. I started getting mouthy, so he started smacking back...We went at it for like 8 postings when I finally realized he was more than just someone who wanted to argue. Dude knows a lot about teams and players from other cities, and he is always representing the Boston area and teams from Boston. Pat is an easy guy to like because he tells like it is.

10/24/09   |   seal_warrior1   |   2231 respect

Nice interview Nellie and Pat! 

10/24/09   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

guylake wrote:
It's good having another Masshole on the staff. I am not sure Pat and I agree on everything but I can hope that we both despise Dan Shaughnessy.

Rest assured that at the very least, we agree on that. Shaughnessy sucks.

10/24/09   |   guylake   |   321 respect

It's good having another Masshole on the staff. I am not sure Pat and I agree on everything but I can hope that we both despise Dan Shaughnessy.

10/24/09   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

World Series at Fenway sounds like a pretty good wish to me.  I could go for that.

10/24/09   |   YankeeDudeL   |   15 respect

I enjoy these articles, it's good to learn a lil more about other fans.  Even if they're on the other side of the rivalry.